What are the commonly used mineral industry indicators?

What are the commonly used mineral industry indicators?

The mineral industry index refers to the index used to measure whether the geological body can be used as a deposit, ore body or ore, which is the minimum limit required by the current industrial level. The commonly used mineral industry indicators are:

(1) Boundary grade. The cut-off grade refers to the boundary grade between the ore and the waste rock. If the useful component is lower than the cut-off grade, it is treated as waste rock.

(2) Grade of work receipt. Industrial grade refers to the lowest average grade of useful components of ore bodies or nuggets that are industrially available under current industrial and industrial conditions and economic conditions.

(3) Minimum recoverable thickness: The minimum recoverable thickness refers to the minimum thickness at which the ore body can be mined under current technical and economic conditions.

(4) The thickness of the stone is removed. The degree of weeding refers to the minimum thickness of the mineralized layer in the ore body. The deposit is calculated in the ore body smaller than this thickness.

(5) The lowest percentage of meters. The lowest percentage of the meter is the product of the minimum recoverable thickness of the ore body and the lowest recoverable grade. Some ore body. In particular, some dilute precious metals. Sometimes the thickness is not the minimum recoverable thickness, but the common component grade is much higher than the lowest industrial grade. Even if a certain thickness of surrounding rock is mined, it is economically reasonable. At this time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the influence of the thickness and grade of the ore body on the mining value of the deposit. This indicator is not suitable for thick and poor ore bodies.

Tension Release Machine

Tension Release machine

The tension release machine is a special equipment for the removal of tensioning nut in pile production. It has simple structure, convenient operation and low maintenance rate.

The technical paramater:



Technical specifictaion


work pressure



Flow rate

low voltage 7L/Min,high voltage 0.7L/Min


motor power



Oil temperature



Hydraulic oil

32# or 46#




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