WeChat "jumps" reveals your ability to work

Introduction: SMT devices are just like users playing WeChat "jump", in order to improve the efficiency of a generation replacement.

WeChat "jumps" reveals your ability to work

In the recent period, friends on WeChat are playing a "jump" game. Some people will have their own record and send friends to challenge his records. You can move your fingers after dinner or with spare time; some people always want to be in the top three, the record is overtaken by others, and they have been trying hard to recover; some have not changed for a moment I didn't play anymore; I had previously scored extra points by listening to the white point where the frequency jumped to the middle. After I learned that there were extra points on the well, Rubik's cube, and convenience store, I couldn't simply play the game. I wanted to add points. . This reflects that you are more concerned with how you can achieve better efficiency in your work, rather than just behave yourself.

In the SMT industry, like WeChat on the WeChat to improve efficiency, SMT equipment is a generation replacement, the fastest development is AOI automatic optical inspection.

The AOI automatic optical detector is more widely used in PCB manufacturing. The previous detection was mainly performed by artificial eye inspection and electrical detection. However, the PCB wiring density has been continuously improved and the human hand has not kept pace with the development of the times. Therefore, AOI automatic optical detection The automation and intelligent development of technology are just in line with the needs of the times.

AOI uses artificial light source LED light instead of natural light, optical lens and CCD to replace the human eye, and compares, analyzes and judges the amount of light reflected from the light source with the standard that has been programmed. It is a self-developed image processing system, unique color extraction and feature analysis methods that can deal with lead and lead-free manufacturing, and even have a good detection effect on DIP segment and red rubber process. Scan the PCB automatically through the camera, collect the images, compare the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, check the defects on the PCB after image processing, and display/mark out the defects through the display or automatic mark for the maintenance personnel to trim. . Online AOI automatic optical inspection equipment ZS-600B uses intelligent high-definition digital CCD camera, the image quality is stable and reliable, you can use the network remote operation, easy and quick modification procedures and troubleshooting, and accurate and rapid detection speed, easy, flexible and efficient programming And debugging, its positioning accuracy is <10μm.

The on-line AOI automatic optical inspection equipment ZS-600B is easy to use, staff training is quick, testing speed is fast, and production capacity is significantly improved.

Sodium Hypochlorite Electrolysis Generator

It is controlled by a electrolytic technology to commonly used table salt and water to produce Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant which can effectively disinfect general objects(such as furniture, sanitary ware , meals utensils, floors, fruits, vegetables, etc .);safe environmentally friendly, non-toxic,no side effects and economical affordable.

Electrolysis Generator

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