·Dongfeng passed the annual review of equipment qualification

From March 12 to 15, the China New Era Certification Center conducted an on-site review of the annual supervision of the equipment contractor qualification for Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. After careful examination, the review team announced that Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. passed the on-site inspection. After the minor non-conformities were rectified and qualified according to the requirements, it is recommended to continue to maintain the equipment qualification.
It is understood that the China New Era Certification Center is an organization that certifies organizations that undertake the development, production and maintenance of military products. The review team consists of five quality management system auditors and one military representative. During the four-day review, the review team experts on Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. functional department, technology center, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd. conducted a detailed supervision and review, and found no serious non-conformities.
Liu Weidong, deputy general manager of the company, Xu Tiansheng, director of the company's military product management department, Liu Guoyuan, director of the science and technology engineering department, and the relevant functional departments and business unit leaders of the company attended the first and last meetings.
It is understood that the qualification of the equipment contractor is the military's qualification as a “purchasing party” for the implementation of weapons and equipment “suppliers”. The purpose is to reduce the risk of equipment procurement, improve the quality and efficiency of equipment construction, and promote the continuous improvement of the management level of the contractors. . Obtaining the qualification of the equipment contractor means that the ability and management level meet the basic requirements of the military, can undertake the procurement of weapons and equipment, and sign the equipment procurement contract. This annual supervision review is the first annual supervision and review after the reform of the "two certificates in one" (weapons quality management system and equipment contractor qualification review) by the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission.
Liu Weidong expressed his gratitude to the review team for their hard work. He said that by accepting the suggestions and suggestions put forward by the review team, the relevant non-conformities will be rectified as required, and the opposites will be made. He emphasized that the military product industry is in the period of intensified reform. Through this on-site review, it will vigorously promote the speed of military product reform; follow-up will be based on the GJB9001C-2016 standard requirements, clarify the responsibilities and division of labor of each unit, and add or revise relevant management systems. Improve the quality management system of military products, and maintain and consolidate the status of the first brand of "Dongfeng" military vehicles.

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