Life jacket basic knowledge

We recommend that consumers must recognize that life jackets are very special products and that they are used to save lives when they are in crisis. Therefore, please be cautious when choosing. I. International Provisions for Life Jackets (International Maritime Organization IMO)
1, buoyancy: adults must be greater than or equal to 7.5 kg;
2. Floating state: After the body falls into the water, the stable posture should be ------ mouth distance from the water
The distance of the face is greater than 12 cm;
3、Strength: Domestic CCS has no obvious requirement on strength, but abroad generally
The required strength is greater than 90 kg of tension;
Second, some international standards for life jackets:
Mainly China CCS certification, the United States UL certification, the European Union CE certification,
ULC certification in Canada, QAS certification in Australia, JCI in Japan, and HK certification

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