External Clip Ultrasonic Flowmeter Features

Installation without tube break, no pressure loss, easy installation and maintenance, no contact with media, safety and environmental protection suitable for pharmaceutical pure water industry, high standard certification can be selected] Products, measuring range, use different types of sensors, can achieve DN15 ~ DN6000mm pipeline flow High measurement reliability, low voltage, multi-pulse transmitter circuit, high measurement accuracy, long life and reliability, high anti-interference ability, dual differential signal differential transmission, receiving circuit, effectively resisting inverter, TV tower, high voltage line and other strong Strong memory function of disturbance source, automatic memory of accumulated heat and flow during the previous 512 days, the first 128 months, the first 10 years, and accumulated data of the year, month, and day can be read out by the MODBUS protocol to read out the heat measurement. The temperature sensor can be connected to realize the heat measurement.

BT(MAS 403) Pull Stud Bolt

Brief introduction
Pull Stud selects high quality steel, high precision.
Widely used in various three-dimensional engraving milling machine, engraving machine,
Pull Stud by BT Standard MAS403-1982.Pull studs of minor quality not only decrease the performance of the machine,they are even a safety risk.
A breaking pull stud might cause severe damage on machine and workpiece and even injuries on persons.

Bt Pull Stud,Bt50 Pull Studs,60 Degree Bt Pull Stud,Milling Bt Coolant Pull Stud

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