· Minister of Communications Yang Chuantang: Private cars are not allowed to be used as private cars

In the first half of this year, the Ministry of Transport will introduce a taxi reform plan. Yesterday, Minister of Transportation Yang Chuantang said in an interview with the Jinghua Times reporter that the profit level of enterprises is different across the country, and the "children's money" is also different. It should not reduce the "children's money." The reason for the number control of taxis is to consider the interests of consumers, operators and other parties, and to seek the greatest common denominator of development.
Talking about industry monopoly There is no government monopoly in the taxi industry. Jinghua Times: The taxi operation adopts a franchise system. The government controls the number of taxis. Enterprises need to obtain indicators from the government if they want to operate. Some people say that the rental company's hand-holding indicators form a monopoly industry. What do you think?
Yang Chuantang: Monopoly is divided into monopolies of enterprises and industries. Many people think that the government is monopolizing, but it does not exist. We have 1.3 million taxis nationwide, 2.6 million employed people, more than 8,000 operating companies, and 130,000 self-employed individuals, carrying 40 billion passengers a year. In fact, the taxi industry is an industry that is open earlier, and there is no government monopoly.
However, some companies may harm the interests of consumers in pursuit of their own interests. We limit it, first of all, the price should be controlled, the government introduces the price of the guide; in addition, the service is continuously improved. Last year, the Ministry of Communications announced the service standards for the rental industry. It is hoped that under the supervision of government functional departments, good labor relations will be formed, mainly the relationship between enterprises and drivers. In fact, the purpose of these measures is to protect the interests of consumers.
Jinghua Times: Some people say that companies can get the profits when they get the indicators? What do you think?
Yang Chuantang: There may be such a phenomenon, not a universal phenomenon. Mainly some self-employed people, he does not drive the car, entrust the vehicle to others, and even produce "one support" and "two support." This has a historical reason. The first batch of taxi drivers in China may be this part of the people. At that time, they were laid off without work. In order to solve the employment, they were allowed to pay for the taxis. This situation is more complicated. In addition, it also includes some companies that are affiliated.
Talking about "the money"
The problem of outage does not rule out the participation of enterprises. Jinghua Times: At present, is the profit of taxi companies high?
Yang Chuantang: The benefits of enterprises are high or low, and the average level is not exactly the same. Many drivers say that there are now more money, and companies make too much money. In fact, this has a lot to do with changes in driver income. In the early days of taxi development, the driver’s monthly income was 3,000 yuan. At that time, the income of a department-level cadre was more than 1,000 yuan. Now his income is six or seven thousand yuan, and that is the income of a departmental cadre, so their sense of superiority is gone.
Jinghua Times: Do you think the "money" of the taxi is high?
Yang Chuantang: Some drivers said that "the money is too expensive", can you drop it down, I don't think it can be dropped, how much is that. First, the company bears three risks for the driver; second, the driver has to work harder. Some drivers say that they have to pay for opening their eyes. It cannot be said that this is not a phenomenon, but we should also see the problems behind them. The problems are very complicated.
Jinghua Times: Drivers have their own interests.
Yang Chuantang: Of course, the greatest common denominator I have just said is this meaning. We must consider the interests of many parties.
Jinghua Times: How do you view the "complaints" between taxi drivers and businesses?
Yang Chuantang: Actually, the reason behind this is very complicated. For example, the reason for the driver’s income gap just mentioned, he will say that “the money is too high”. In addition, there are still some people who do not want to be supervised. We require bidding to operate, but some people will oppose it. In the past, there were disputes on outages in 18 cities (participating, pictures, and inquiry), but the number was small but the impact was great.
We have learned in detail about a suspension dispute in Hangzhou. In fact, several taxi drivers said that "the money is too high" and they could not do it. But when the people in the functional department told him not to do it, he would not do it. In these incidents, although the driver is a performer, there are no companies involved in it, and we do not rule out. So after the policy comes out, you can take a look and there are about 28 articles.
Talking about the black car problem, the black car is not all in short supply. Jinghua Times: Now there are black cars in many cities. Is the demand for the taxi market in short supply?
Yang Chuantang: It is not entirely that the current demand for taxis is strong, which may be related to the fact that some taxi drivers are not actively involved in driving. The congestion will affect the income of taxi drivers. We hope that drivers can actively get out when the demand for taxis is strong.
Jinghua Times: In the first half of this year, the Ministry of Transport will introduce a taxi reform plan. Can this reform reduce black cars?
Yang Chuantang: It should be reduced, but it is endless, and the number of black cars is increasing. It is not entirely a question of market demand. For example, in the community to pick up the children's car, everyone feels convenient, just pick it up, and then charge some fees, this is not very good regulation. Black cars are private cars, they cannot guarantee service and safety, tax evasion and tax evasion, and government departments must resolutely crack down. Sometimes everyone is very disgusted with supervision, and in fact there may be problems with information asymmetry.
Talk about quantity control and quantity control is to consider multi-party interests. Jinghua Times: Why should taxis be controlled?
Yang Chuantang: The quantity should be in a reasonable space. If there are too few taxis, there will be insufficient supply of taxis. We must seek the greatest common denominator in economic development, including consumers, drivers, enterprises, platforms and other entities. Among them, the first one considers the interests of consumers. At present, the municipal governments at all levels in the country have carried out quantitative control and control, which is instructive and has been continuously regulated according to development. In recent years, the number has increased by 3% in general.
Jinghua Times: There is a voice that why taxi management can't “open the front of the car and control the head”, that is, let the private car operate after obtaining professional qualifications, and control the smooth operation of the taxi by controlling the head.
Yang Chuantang: We have to control people and control cars, because only in this way can we ensure safety.
Talk about private cars will never be allowed to use the Beijing Times: At present, legal car vehicles are rented from car rental companies, and the number of vehicles in car rental companies is also controlled by the government. Some people say that the leasing companies themselves are compared. Exuberant, so we will not take out some indicators from inside to engage in special vehicles. Is there a future without a special car?
Yang Chuantang: There should still be room for development. Why is it to implement quantitative control? This is also the opinion of the operators, or the sentence I said. Now we are developing the economy with the greatest common denominator. However, the management of rental vehicles is currently market management, not the government's absolute control.
Jinghua Times: Many private cars are now operated by private cars. Do you think private cars can enter private cars?
Yang Chuantang: Never allowed.
Talking about carpooling citizens should be encouraged to travel by car. Jinghua Times: Some companies have introduced carpooling software. How do you see this phenomenon?
Yang Chuantang: I personally support carpooling. It is a waste of one person to ride a car. If you don't have a car, carpooling can bring great convenience. Now the limit number will also be carpooled. Some are a community, some are a unit, everyone is on the road to fight a car. I used to fight with others before. Of course, if you are an acquaintance, you may be more reassured. If you are a stranger, especially with a child, you may have concerns.
Jinghua Times: How is the price of carpooling counted?
Yang Chuantang: You can divide the oil bill equally, or you can bargain in person. If the enterprise operates on a large scale, the tax collection will be taxed.
Talking about overloading trucks The standard for overloading trucks will be raised. Jinghua Times: Last year and the year before, truck drivers had two suicides, partly because of overloading fines. Have you paid attention to this question?
Yang Chuantang: I am very concerned, but these situations are very few phenomena, but they have attracted our attention. From the current situation, in general, due to management problems, the illegal cost of overloading is too low, so many vehicles will be overloaded, and it is prone to accidents after overloading. We believe that overload is a stubborn disease. We are determined to solve the four problems. First, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, vehicle transformation must meet the standards, as well as the public security department, the Ministry of Communications, the safety supervision department, especially the safety supervision department.
Jinghua Times: Will the standard for overloading fines change? Will it improve?
Yang Chuantang: There are changes, the standard of fines will definitely increase. My suggestion is that you should be sentenced to imprisonment if you are overloaded or overloaded.

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