·What kind of new test will the car 3.15 face?

With the coming of 315 this year, auto companies have reached a stage of habitual tension. This is because every important holiday of rights protection needs to expose a number of problems with greater social influence. Although there is no problem in the enterprise's efforts to develop technology brands, it is bound to have various problems in development through long-term solution to the technical process. Therefore, once the 3.15 is coming every year, enterprises seem to be on the same page. . Not only need to review the technology and brand of the problem, but also beware of the problem is artificially magnified, this is the key to 3.15 easy to make some companies nervous.
It should be said that in the stage of domestic automobile technology transformation and development, various technical problems of products may be highlighted. From the previous 3.15 exposure law, it seems that there is "not working hard, not lazy, only playing long-sighted", coupled with the 3.15 problem of CCTV and the exposure of party corruption, which makes This year's car 3.15 is different from the past. If the problems in the automotive industry are to be tested, it is likely that there will be problems different from the past exposure and the impact of the muzzle. For example, the problem of pollution control is getting bigger and bigger, which makes the excessive discharge of large trucks inevitably become the target of 3.15 aiming; and the large gap between domestic and foreign in the technical recall is also a key issue that people need to seriously analyze. Therefore, around the new year's 3.15, as in the past, if you can use money or public relations to calm down the problem, it is obviously a wishful thinking.
It is imperative to "catch up" the culprits of car emissions. Since Chai Jing publicly declared war on the smog, it has already triggered the attention of the whole society. Among them, in the cause of smog pollution caused by the Chai Jing team, the emissions of large trucks have reached hundreds of times that of ordinary small cars, which cannot help the society pay more attention to the manufacturing technology and consumption of large trucks. What is even more incredible is that when the reporter asked why the company could not make a qualified product, the answer turned out to be “other people’s fraud, if they can’t survive without fraud”, the problem is naturally not just staying at the technical level. However, there are some human factors in the enterprise, and naturally it has become a new target that 3.15 needs to be constantly pursued. Although we don't know if such a company will become the punishment target of the management department, it is not difficult to see from what we do. If there is appeasement of such a manufacturing phenomenon, the vicious circle of automobile emissions is likely to become a certain meaning. The new normal!
In fact, since smog has become a key word in society, its solution needs to be launched without delay. Whether it is to punish the fraudulent behavior of large trucks or to do the corresponding technical remedial work, it is obviously a new problem that must be solved in China. This is because, in Los Angeles, the United States has also been subject to the impact of serious pollution, which may be because of this, California's emission reduction laws are more stringent, and the corresponding standards and implementation are more stringent. One of them is that if the large trucks meet the standards, the gas filtration system should be further installed, so that the discharge of large trucks will not directly affect social life. As far as the domestic market is concerned, although large trucks have been blocked in urban areas in many cities, considering the fluidity characteristics of the flue gas, if the necessary protective devices are not imposed, it will form a pollution result that is known and committed. It is the most heart-wrenching problem. Therefore, only when the whole society has a clear understanding of the source of pollution will the pollution be minimized.
Why the domestic car recall is small is not normal For the progress of domestic cars, it can be said that it is obvious. Especially in recent years, through effective transformation, the technology represented by autonomous vehicles has taken a new step. In terms of the corresponding technology, it cannot be said that there are still big problems that need to be solved and improved. Like the recall issue, it has always made consumers feel puzzled. Although the internationally recognized international brands are better than the domestic products, they do not reflect this objective phenomenon in the recall. Rather, international brand recalls continue, domestic brands are always on the move, which will inevitably not cause consumers to have more concerns. It can be said that although the recall of the car will make the enterprise pay more manpower and material resources, it may also affect the reputation of the enterprise. However, in the final analysis, the recall is still a reflection of the consumer's responsibility, if it is deliberately concealed or repeated in front of the recalled problem. If you are undecided, it will only bring the integrity of the company to the bottom. This is probably the most worthwhile problem.
Judging from the recalls of some joint ventures in these years, passive recalls have appeared almost every year. First, Ford's recall was on the stage of the auto show, and then there was a recall of BMW. The recall of Volkswagen Sagitar has not been completely clarified. Therefore, in the issue of car recall, enterprises should not be treated as honestly as they are obscured. This is the key to not losing "the wife and the soldiers." In contrast, the prominent phenomenon of domestic car recalls is also a manifestation of alternative local protection. It can be said that the total recall of domestic autos in the past ten years is not as good as the annual recall of the United States, so naturally it will make consumers feel puzzled. Therefore, the more at this time, the short-term recovery problem should be solved, and perhaps the test will be made to make the brand more and more competitive!
In all fairness, car recall problems, car emissions problems, are directly related to the major issues of automotive technology needs to develop. It can even be said that if a company faces the recall with integrity and can reasonably solve the problems brought about by the recall, it is naturally the mature side of the enterprise. Therefore, dealing with the recall issue and dare to face the issue itself is the biggest shortcut. In particular, in the case of automobile development and social environmental protection needs to achieve a win-win situation, we should face the new test in the attitude of courage to analyze our own problems. Only in this way, the automobile problem will not eventually become the burden of the enterprise...!

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