The overall domestic auto market down, luxury car market alone

After the winter of the initial period of purchase, the auto market in Beijing finally showed signs of recovery. From May onwards, the sales of various brands' dealerships have generally increased substantially. As a result, dealers have begun to significantly reduce prices for large-inventory vehicles, and many 4S stores have also become bustling. The purchasing power of medium-sized groups has begun to be released. Such signs have led us to think overwhelmed that the spring of the auto market is not far away from us.

Single-month sales increase sharply After investigating multiple brand dealerships, the reporter found that many dealers’ sales increased by more than double in May and June. Yan Lei, Sales Director of Guangqi Honda, Baochen Zhiya, introduced that since May, the sales volume of the store has started to increase. By June, with the recovery of Guangben’s production capacity, the sales volume of a single vehicle in the past two months has exceeded that of the whole month of last month. In terms of sales volume, taking the Accord case as an example, in the half month of June, Accord sold 40 vehicles, which is already twice the sales volume of the entire month in the previous month.

The Dongfeng Peugeot Standard Dragon 4S shop sales director Yan Hao in an interview also said that the store has a similar situation. He said that since June, the traffic volume in the store has increased significantly. “In May, there were more than 380 batches of customers entering the store. By June, it had exceeded 400 batches.” There is also a slight increase. "So far our store sales have increased by 7% to 8% from May. It is understood that other Dongfeng Peugeot 4S stores have achieved a growth rate of 10%." Yan Yan said that the market has now picked up, it is expected that The July market was even better than June.

Not only is the joint venture brand, its own brand has also shown signs of recovery. According to Du Xin, manager of Chery's Integrity 4S Store Market, sales volume of Integrity in June increased by about 15% from May, with sales of more than 100 vehicles. Chen Hui, general manager of Rongda (Weibo) Garda Dachang 4S Store, also stated that the store sold 30 vehicles in May, which was twice as much as in April.

The main reason for the initial increase in car sales quotas for sales growth is the 6-month period faced by the Yaohao indicator. As the first batch of Yaohao indicators faced expiration, the current consumer car purchase structure has also changed, and the purchasing power that has accumulated for six months has finally begun to release. Of course, the major sales outlets will not wait for consumers to enter the store. They have already taken the initiative and used various powers such as price cuts and gifts to attract consumers and become an indispensable cause of sales growth.

According to Yan Hao, “In the first few months, half of the new cars we sold in our stores were sold to replacement customers, and half were sold to shake customers. This month, the number of Yao customers increased significantly.” The sales manager of FAW-Volkswagen Deoda 4S stores also introduced the current visit to the store. Of the number of car buyers, shakers have already accounted for the majority.

With the release of consumer energy, some dealers launched a sharp price cut in May, GAC Toyota's sales staff, the current Camry comprehensive discount reached 40,000 yuan, and continues to the present, the same, the Dongfeng Peugeot main models 307 models offer 1.8 Million, 408 models offer 8,000 yuan.

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