Analysis of the Quality of Rice with Rice Starch Analyzer

As a kind of fragrant rice with a strong scent, rice is popular among people because of its good rice quality and unique flavor. As a special high-quality rice seed, it is very important for the selection and breeding of high-quality aromatic rice varieties to use this resource. Rice starch analyzer has a very important role in this type of research.

The most important and well-studied rice quality traits are the quality of cooking and eating, which is mainly determined by the physical and chemical properties of the embryo starch, commonly used amylose content (AC), gel consistency (GC) and gelatinization temperature (GT ) 3 physical and chemical indicators and the use of equipment or artificial taste for comprehensive evaluation. Among them, AC is one of the most important factors determining the quality of rice, and its content is closely related to the quality of cooking and eating quality.

The rice starch characteristics of a batch of fragrant rice varieties at home and abroad were analyzed using a rice starch analyzer to evaluate the starch gelatinization characteristics, and the correlation between the RVA spectral characteristics and AC was discussed in order to make use of the fragrant rice germplasm resources. And provide the basis for accelerating the cultivation of high-quality aromatic rice.

The measurement results of the rice starch analyzer found that the AC content of the varieties can be effectively distinguished according to the size of the abatement value, the abate value of the low AC variety (line) is generally negative, and the edible quality of the intermediate AC variety (lines) is The merits and demerits can be judged according to the reduction value and the disintegration value. By analyzing the RVA profiles of rice varieties with different taste types, it was found that varieties with better taste generally had larger disintegration values ​​and smaller values ​​of elimination and recovery, while those with poor taste were the opposite. It can be seen that the three eigenvalues ​​of disintegration value, reduction value and recovery value have certain guiding significance for evaluating the quality of rice.

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