Total aluminum online analyzer

Special Total Aluminum (Aluminum Ion) Index Online Analyzer Total Aluminum Online Analyzer Water Quality Heavy Metal Analyzer Model: R - Total Aluminum

Total aluminum (aluminum ion) index online analyzer measurement method: Chromocyanine red photoluminescence colorimetry test range: (0 -1) mg/l, (0-2) mg/l, (0 -5) mg/l ,(0 -20)mg/l 4th gear range Optional test offline: 0.002mg/l
Resolution: <0.001mg/l
Accuracy: standard solution <5%; water sample <10%
Reproducibility: < 5%
Measurement cycle: 50min, can be set without failure Running time: ≧ 720h / sub-scale drift: ± 5% FS
Sample interval: continuous, 1 hour, 2 hours. . . 24 hours, triggering, and specified time point correction interval: Manually or automatically at a selected interval and time (1-7 days)
Cleaning interval: manually or automatically at selected intervals and times (1-7 days)
Maintenance interval:> 1 month, about 1 hour each time Reagent consumption: about 720 samples per set of man-machine interface: 7-inch, 70,000 colors, 800*480 resolution, TFT true color touch screen printing: Reserved printer Interface, external industrial micro printer (optional)
Storage: 20,000 data, no power loss, full automatic coverage of the oldest data (up to 40,000 data can be added)
Communication interface: 1 RS232 digital interface or RS485, support MODBUS communication protocol or custom protocol
1 channel analog 4-20mA (20mA corresponding range adjustable)
Pre-treatment system: self-cleaning, back blowing, and precision filtration functions ensure that the sample is well representative while avoiding clogging of pipelines with large suspended particles (optional)
Overall dimensions 900×600×450(mm)
Weight 50kg
Power supply AC 220V ± 20%, 50Hz ± 1% power 300W
Ambient temperature 5 to 40°C Ambient humidity ≤85%

Special Total Aluminum (Aluminum Ion) Index Online Analyzer Water Quality Heavy Metal Analyzer Model: R - Total Aluminum

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