Su-boat SMMC develops special propellers into a climate

Suzhou Marine Power Systems Co., Ltd. (“Suzhou” SMMC), which is constantly seeking innovation and development, focuses on the “special” word when developing marine special propellers, so that the products have special functions and technical innovations suitable for specific markets. Features to meet special use requirements. Therefore, even in the current unfavorable situation of the ship market downturn, the company's orders are still in good condition. Recently, at the 2012 Annual Conference of Marine Fluid Mechanics, Shanghai Ship and Ocean Engineering Society, the reporter learned this information.
According to reports, the general marine propeller technology is quite mature, and its application is also very extensive. It has the advantages of simple structure and high efficiency, but there are some aspects in improving the flow field condition, reducing vibration, improving efficiency, and meeting special use requirements. insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to research and develop marine special propellers. Today, marine special propellers mainly include ducted propellers, adjustable propellers, counter-rotating propellers, tandem propellers, straight-wing propellers, shallow-pumping pumps, lateral propulsion devices, water jet propulsion devices, and electric propulsion systems. With the expansion of marine development, marine special propulsion will usher in a new stage of development.
The three series of products supporting the multi-type ship "Su Ship" SMMC has designed and manufactured marine special propellers for nearly 40 years. At present, the company's marine special propellers cover three series and dozens of specifications: one is the variable pitch propeller series, as the main propulsion system, its power range is several hundred to tens of thousands of kilowatts, a total of 20 specifications The second product is a full-rotation rudder paddle series with a power range of tens to several thousand kW. There are 16 kinds of products. According to the driving method, it can be divided into diesel engine drive and electric drive. The third is lateral propulsion. The range of power ranges from tens to thousands of kilowatts and diameters range from 500mm to 2800mm. There are 12 types of products. According to the driving method, they can be divided into electric drive, hydraulic drive and diesel drive.
For the design and manufacture of multi-species and multi-species marine special propellers, the “Suzhou” SMMC is divided into two parts: general and individual. The general part mainly includes gear box, variable distance mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic system, sensing detection component, central control system, human-computer interaction interface and so on. The company adopts standardized design and manufacturing methods for this part of the parts, and builds a mature modular assembly to improve the reliability and economy of the products. The personalized part (also known as the non-standard part) mainly includes hydrodynamic design, installation form design, interface with dynamic positioning system and interface design with the host for different ship types. The design of this part varies from ship to ship to meet different ship types. Personalized requirements, such as more compact structure, lighter weight, and more beautiful appearance. According to relevant personages of the company, the design and manufacture are divided into two parts: general and personalized, which not only help to meet the individual requirements of customers, but also help to shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of the products.
In addition, the “Suzhou” SMMC started to upgrade the marine special propeller products from two aspects: on the one hand, adopting the parent design and series expansion to develop new products; on the other hand, local optimization and segmentation are perfected. Expand the way to upgrade old products.
At present, the company's three series of marine special propeller products have been widely used in multi-type ships, such as full-slewing tugs, cruise ships, passenger ferries, military ships, scientific research ships, oil tankers and offshore engineering vessels.
"Six-chemical" goal leads the follow-up development Today, marine special propulsion is developing in the direction of green, intelligent, integrated, flexible, differentiated, design and manufacturing integration (referred to as "six"). Based on its nearly 40 years of experience in innovation and development, SMSG will increase its efforts in learning and introducing advanced technologies at home and abroad, aiming at the high-end, and moving towards the development direction of “Six-Chemical”, and strive to promote the innovative development of follow-up products. .
“Su Ship” SMMC said that protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption are not only the needs of the market, but also the social responsibility of the company. For the realization of the green goal of marine special propulsion, the company will promote it in the design, manufacture, use and maintenance. . In terms of design, it will work hard to improve hydrodynamic efficiency and optimize design structure; in manufacturing, it mainly improves raw material utilization rate, optimizes manufacturing processes, processes, etc.; in terms of maintenance, the focus is on reducing costs, reducing waste and avoiding Damage to the environment, such as preventing oil emulsification, aging or leakage.
Information technology promotes the development of intelligent marine special propulsion, and the combination of production, learning and research is the most effective way to develop intelligent marine special propulsion. The "Suzhou" SMMC has recently adopted the automatic long-haul mode of the rudder and paddle, and the company has also cooperated with well-known domestic universities to introduce an automatic driving system to solve the problem of hidden dangers of the ship under high speed. .
Product integration is beneficial to enterprises to save costs, reduce on-site installation workload, enhance product quality control capabilities, and enhance market competitiveness. At present, the promotion of the integration of marine special propellers has become an urgent task for the "Suzhou" SMMC.
In addition, in recent years, foreign leading companies have developed flexible manufacturing technologies, which have made small changes in product design and manufacturing to meet the requirements of different projects, thereby reducing the number of parts and parts, increasing the manufacturing capacity of individual parts, and thus reducing costs. The goal. “Su Ship” SMMC applies flexible manufacturing technology to the production of marine special propellers. For the different requirements of ship power control, the operating system has been flexibly designed. By changing the control parameters, the hardware of different control systems is the same. The software composition can be deleted or expanded. Inspired by foreign advanced technology, the company has modularized the gearboxes of the same power on the rudder and paddle products for different speeds of the main engine under different powers. By replacing the gears of different speed ratios, the same power is realized. General purpose of gearbox parts.

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