Isuzu Road Sweeper

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Basic configuration product name: Isuzu sweeping vehicle
Rated total mass: 10000 Rated mass: 2525 Cured mass: 6280
The maximum speed: 110 (km/h) Approaching departure angle (°): 21/24

Isuzu Road Sweeper

Front suspension/rear suspension: 1100/1670 Front passenger (person): 3
Number of Springs: 8/10+6 Fuel Type: Diesel
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 9.5R17.5, 8.25-20, 8.25R20
Front track: 1680 Rear track: 1650
Number of axes: 2 Wheelbase: 3815 Actual volume (cubic) 4.5-5
Chassis manufacturer: Jiangxi Qingling Isuzu Automobile Co., Ltd.
Engine: Isuzu engine
Configuration: Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Chengdu Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Chengdu Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Sanda Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Chengdu Chengfa Automobile Engine Co., Ltd., when the number of passengers in the cab is two, the rated load quality is 1500kg, and when the number of passengers in the cab is three, it corresponds to the rated load quality. It is 1435kg. With the optional chassis cab.

Performance parameters Sweep width: 5m, Water tank capacity: 2m, Waste volume: 4m; Jiangxi Isuzu secondary engine (JX493G, 57KW), Eaton (USA) cycloidal motor, stainless steel water tank, Hankang solenoid valve unit, control switch (France Schneider) , Beijing fan, hydraulic tubing (Guangzhou Tianhe), sprinkler water pump (Shanghai Jiaxing pump) hydraulic cylinder (Shanghai Run Island). The hydraulic oil pump is imported from Italy; the solenoid valve is imported from Germany; the hydraulic pipe adopts the German standard technology sealing structure; the key control components adopt the original Schneider technology from France; the service life is long, stable and reliable; the failure rate is low; the hydraulic components adopt integrated superposition. Design, electro-hydraulic centralized control of the cab, convenient operation; anti-collision automatic evasion function of the squeegee, cleaning method of the squeegee can be selected according to the severity of ground sediment and driving speed; the suction nozzle is a rear-mounted floating type, and can be adjusted automatically Irregular conditions on the ground; adjustable mist spraying water dust, eliminating secondary pollution while saving water.

Performance characteristics â—† Vertical box in the cab, the system of electrical centralized control, easy to operate.
â—† The four-sweep plate is combined with a suction nozzle to perform suction and suction. The suction and suction capability is excellent, and the swash plate has anti-collision function.
â—† Both sides can work at the same time, but also can work independently on one side
â—† Cleaning device mechanism is simple and reliable, it is difficult to damage;
â—† The use of stainless steel trash, water tank;
â—† The hydraulic system core element is imported;
â—† appearance design computer design, high side skirts, surface transition, the overall coordination of symmetry;

Working principle The auxiliary engine drives the hydraulic oil pump and fan. The hydraulic oil pump drives the left and right reticle to retract, lift, and rotate. Scrub the left and right sides to sweep the trash on both sides to the front of the suction nozzle. The fan creates a high-speed air flow through the air duct formed by the waste container, the suction pipe and the suction nozzle. Under the effect of the air flow, the waste is sucked into the suction nozzle and enters the waste container. Chassis engine drives the sweeper to walk forward. Rubbish that sweeps to the front of the nozzle continuously enters the suction nozzle and is continuously sucked into the bin to clean the road surface.

Operation procedure 1: Cleaning work 1 Turn on the power of the control box and point the control valve to the sub valve position
2 Start the auxiliary machine
3 Turn the slave clutch control button to the closed position and the fan starts to work
4 Point the vacuum box control to a lowered position
5 Point the left or right control to the down position
6 Turn the left or right rotary control to the forward position (count clockwise in the left and counterclockwise in the right)
7 Point the left spray, right spray, and rear spray water control knobs to the open position
8 Point the pump control knob to the open position
9 The vehicle travels at the appropriate speed and starts cleaning action 2: The end of sweeping 1 The vehicle stops driving
2 Point the Pump Control, Left Spray Control, Right Spray Control, Rear Spray Control to Off Position
3 Point the broom control to the middle
4 Point the swash plate control to the ascending position and then to the middle position
5 Point the vacuum box control knob up and then back to the middle position
6 Point the secondary engine clutch control knob to the sub-position and then to the middle position
7 Point the control valve control button to the middle position
8 Shutdown the secondary engine
9 Turn off the power to the control box. 3: Unload the trash 1 Turn on the power to the control box, and point the control valve's control button to the position of the main valve.
2 Start the vehicle's main engine
3 Depress the vehicle clutch
4 Open the vehicle's additional oil pump clutch switch (pull outward)
5 Loosen the vehicle clutch at an appropriate speed
6 Point the rear door control knob on the control box to the open position, and then to the middle position after 5 seconds
7 Point the car control button to the up position. At any time according to the inclination of the car box, you can point the control button to the middle position. At this time, the car tilts up and stops.
8 Garbage Cleaning
9 When the garbage is cleaned, point the control button of the car to the lowered position. After the car is fully returned, point the control button to the middle position.
10 Point the rear door control to the off position, and then to the middle position after 10 seconds
11 Clean up the end of rubbish
12 Depress the vehicle clutch
13 Close the additional pump clutch control knob (pull inwards)
14 Loosen the vehicle clutch at an appropriate speed
15 Point the control valve of the control box to the middle position
16 Switch off the control box

Development Trends After several decades of development, China's road sweeper industry has evolved from a single pure sweep model to a variety of current models. Product performance and product quality have rapidly increased, especially after the reform and opening up, through the import of key purchased parts. The performance and reliability of road sweeper products have been greatly improved. However, at present, there are still some gaps in the level of road sweepers in China compared with foreign developed countries, especially in terms of product reliability. In order to improve the level of road sweepers in China as soon as possible, narrow the gap with the level of road sweepers in advanced countries, and meet the requirements of China's environmental sanitation department for road sweeping operations, sweeper vehicle manufacturers should select a suitable road sweeper research direction. As society develops and progresses, it will no longer be satisfied with vacuum cleaners in a simple sense. It will put forward more requirements in terms of multifunctionality, environmental protection, and economy. The market calls for vacuum vehicles that can meet various needs. It is under the above circumstances that a brand new multi-function full-suction sweeper vehicle jointly developed by the China Construction Second Bureau Luoyang Construction Engineering Machinery Plant and Luoyang Chi Windmill Co., Ltd. has been officially put on the market. This brand-new model can complete floor cleaning, road side cleaning, road crossing, and road cleaning after sweeping. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of climates and different dry roads. It is more suitable for squares and highways. , Dedusting and Cleaning of Residential Areas, Parking Lots, Docks, Airports, Stations, Cement Plants, Power Plants, etc.

Isuzu Road Sweeper Maintenance 1. In order to avoid mistakes in operation, Sweeper Control Valves mainly distinguish the main valve and the secondary valve. Then where are the two main types of valves, where the power of the main valve comes from the chassis of the sweeper vehicle and the power of the secondary valve comes from the secondary engine of the dedicated functional part. Common road sweeper deputy engines include Chaochai, Jiangling and Cummins. The main valve manages the tilting of the shell behind the chassis and the hydraulic switch on the rear door of the compartment. The secondary valve manages the operation of the four floor brushes (which can individually control one side or all of the work) and the suction cup of the sweeper.
2, The secondary engine of the road sweeper is different because the engine brand is selected for different power, but the general speed is around 1500 to 1800 rpm.
3, according to the needs of the work can generally choose whether you need to bring the function of water spray dust, conventional configuration generally comes with post-spray, at the same time need to pay attention to the clean water tank is enough water, the general clean water tank capacity is different, there may be a gap in working time.
4. The pressure adjustment of the electromagnetic multi-way valve of the road sweeper is generally on the overflow valve. Users can adjust the pressure appropriately to change the speed of the sweep brush.
5, In addition, according to the road conditions, the sweeping vehicle can select whether the left and right brushes of the vehicle work at the same time. For example, if the sweeping corner is only used to open the corner, the brush is turned to work.
6, dust bins may have small dust deposits in the dust bins of the sweeping vehicles, and manual manual handling is required when cleaning the dust bins.
7. The distance between the sucker of the sweeping vehicle and the ground should be adjusted according to the condition of the road section.
8, sweeping vehicle dust suction pipe may often have dust and mud adhesion, need to be cleaned regularly to achieve better results.
9, the electrical parts in the control box need to be replaced in order to use a more stable one.
10. Sanitation workers should regularly check whether the functional parts are normal.
11, in order to avoid the foreign matter in the hydraulic oil will affect the normal operation of the electromagnetic control valve, sanitation workers should regularly check the hydraulic oil is normal.
12. Check whether the limit device of the clutch electric push rod of the secondary engine of the vehicle is normal.
13, sweeping car control button when the time interval should be 5 seconds
14. When a hydraulic part of the road sweeper is not working properly, check the circuit first and then check the circuit.
(1) The possible causes of the abnormal circuit part are: disconnection of insurance, loose connection of circuit, broken line
(2) The possible causes of the abnormal oil line may include: failure of the oil pump, rupture of the oil pipe, or oil leakage at the oil line connection, or malfunction of the solenoid valve.

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