Watering truck exemption

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Sprinklers are exempt from taxes. Specifically for sprinkler trucks, it refers to the concept that some sprinklers are listed by the State Administration of Taxation as being exempted from the purchase of additional tax catalogs. Sprinklers classified as exempted from announcements may not be required to pay vehicle purchase surcharges when purchased.
Water truck sales
Take a sprinkler as an example:
In the conversation with the user, we can ask the user: under what circumstances the car is used? Is it the urban road spraying or the landscaping spray or the road surface dust?
From which we can understand the driving conditions of the car, the user valued the function of which part of the car. If the road surface is flat, then there is no need for too much engine power. If the road is steep, a high-powered engine should be used. If it is a green sprinkler, then we must pay attention to the appropriate nozzle, the performance of the water gun is also relatively more critical.
After that we can ask the user: How much tonnage or volume is needed?
The wheelbase and length of each car are determined so that after the tonnage or volume has been determined, the vehicle type that the user generally needs can be determined. Then combined with the previous questions, the user can be recommended to the appropriate sprinkler [1].

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