Changan Star Refrigerated Vehicle

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Changan Star Changan Star Automobile, SC6350 series is Sino-Japanese joint design, the latest international styles; in line with national security regulations; front nose protrusion, decomposition, absorb collision impact, reduce injury; new energy-contraction retractable steering column technology to avoid The steering column and steering wheel injure the driver in the event of an impact; the front door is fitted with a crash bar to effectively counter the side impact; and the dual-circuit hydraulic braking system reduces the possibility of affecting the braking failure. Front and rear drum brakes, automatic brake adjustment Clearance and braking are more reliable. The SC6371 series is based on the SC6350 series. Based on the SC6350 series, the all-inclusive interior is used to make the interior of the vehicle more exquisite. The instrument panel is made of a PP material, which is resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, and fine touch. The odometer is added. Interval odometer, convenient mileage mileage record; Adopt air filter temperature automatically adjusted air filter to improve engine performance and fuel consumption; Fully enclosed fuel tank, built-in electronic oil pump, can reduce oil pump noise, increase fuel supply . Increase the front and rear bumper trim assembly, front protruding; add spoiler, body side guard, front-wheel front new design, the appearance is more stylish. The front door is equipped with an anti-collision bar to effectively counter the side impact; the front disc rear drum brake automatically adjusts the brake gap. Changan Star Refrigerated Vehicle [td 583 ] Major Technologies Changan Star Parameters: [td 191 ] Curb weight (kg) [td 392 ]1150 [td 191 ] Rated load mass (kg) [td 392 ]500 [td 191 ] Total mass (kg) [td 392 ]1780 [td 191 ] Dimensions (mm) (length x width x height) [td 392] 4160 x 1530 x 2270 [td 191 ] Size of the cargo box (mm) (length × width × height) [td 392] 2280 × 1380 × 1380 [td 191 ] Fuel Type [td 392 ] Gasoline [td 191 ] Wheelbase (mm) [td 392 ]2500 [td 191 ] Front track (mm)[td 392 ]1280 [td 191 ] Rear track (mm) [td 392 ]1290 [td 191 ] Number of riders in the cab (person) [td 392 ]2 [td 191 ]Engine model [td 392 ]JL465QB (environmentally friendly engine that meets Euro III emission standard) Changan Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. [td 191] Displacement (ml) [td 392] 1012 [td 191 ] Power (kw)[td 392 ]39 [td 191 ] Vehicle Identification Code [td 392 ] [td 191] Steering mode [td 392 ] Steering wheel [td 191 ]Axis [td 392 ]2 [td 191 ] Tire Size [td 392 ]165/70R13LT [td 191 ]Number of Tires [td 392 ]4 [td 191 ] Dedicated performance [td 392 ] Minimum temperature in the compartment: -5 degrees The refrigerated truck produced by our company adopts a fully-plastic fully enclosed composite plate assembly structure. The inner and outer skins are made of glass plate, and the middle sandwich is polyurethane. Foam insulation material, on the four sides with high-strength adhesive, the glass plate and the polyurethane foam are bonded together to form a closed plate, and they are bonded together with a high-strength adhesive and embedded in the car body. High-strength screws are used for fastening.
Feature Description:
The car body is flat, maintenance-free and multi-temperature zone setting: the car body can be arbitrarily installed with side doors, which are separated by different temperature zones.
The car can be freely configured: such as cargo fixtures, cargo suspension devices, in-car shelves, insulation curtains and so on.
Inside the back door hardware are stainless steel products, luxurious and beautiful.
It is suitable for the transportation of frozen meat, cold drinks, seafood, medical supplies, transportation of epidemic prevention products, electronic products, and high-tech products such as cleanliness, temperature-controlled transport, flowers and fruits.

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