Futian era sprinkler

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basic configuration
Product Name: Futian Times Sprinkler
Overall Dimensions: 5990×2050×2350(mm)
Chassis type: BJ1043V9JE6-MS
Total weight: 4400 (Kg)
Approach/Departure angle: 23/18 (°)
Rated quality: 1500 (Kg)
Front suspension and rear suspension: 1100/1690,1100/1530(mm)
Cured mass: 2705 (Kg)
The maximum speed: 95 (km/h)
Engine: CA4DC2-10E3, CY4102-C3F, 4D26, YN33CR, 4DW93-84E3, YC4F90-30, YZ4DA4-30
Displacement: 3168,3856,2596,3298,2540,2659,3660 (ml)
Power: 76,70,68,76,67,66,70 (kw)
Manufacturer: FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Dalian Diesel Engine Branch, Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd., Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd., FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
Emission Standards: GB17691-2005 State III, GB3847-2005
Number of axes: 2
Front track: 1590/1525 (mm)
Wheelbase: 3200, 3360
Rear track: 1525 (mm)
Number of tires: 6
Tire specifications: 7.00-16, 6.50-16, 7.00R16, 6.50R16
Fuel Type: Diesel
Number of springs: 4/6+7
Axial load: 1500/2900
Cab ride number: 3
Modified configuration: The tank is made of 4mm thick high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The actual volume is 5 cubic meters. After being flushed (sprayed), it is sprinkled, with side spraying. After the tank is equipped with a working platform, the green sprinkler can be installed on the platform. Rotation, can be continuously adjusted into a straight punch, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, with a safety fence, equipped with the first national quality appraisal of Hangzhou Veyron high-power dedicated sprinkler pumps, pumps can be self-priming, installing filters, with fire Interface, through the hydrant water, with self-flow valve, vehicle optional 20 meters green reel, can spray pesticides, metal paint tank. [1]

Function and description
☆ There is a duck-billed or round-headed nozzle in front of the sprinkler, a cylindrical sprinkler nozzle or a showerhead nozzle behind the sprinkler, a working platform at the rear, and a monitor. There are 8 nozzles on the back.
☆ Sprinklers, green spray vehicles for the special features: green sanitation function, suitable for urban sanitation of residential plants, the use of quality leading high-power dedicated sprinkler pumps. After the rush (spray), sprinkle, with side spray (shower), with the back of the platform, install green sprinkler on the platform (cannon with heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, fog can be adjusted), with suction pipe, with fire Joints, with self-flow valve, self-priming self-discharge, optional 20 meters green spray reel, high-altitude operations, truck crane cargo and other functions.
☆Operating system: The engine is mainly driven by the engine. The PTO installed on the gearbox drives the sprinkler pump. The sprinkler pump generates power to spray the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. Working range: Self-priming height: ≤7m, Sprinkling width: ≥14m, Maximum range: ≥28m; Adjustable into a column with a range of ≥28m; It can also be adjusted to a mist with a range of ≥15m.
Water absorption
(1) The sprinkler should be as close as possible to the operating point and parked.
(2) Open the side door of the walk-in box and take out the water-absorbing rubber hose so that it swings back without bending.
(3). Pull the water suction hose into the water as deep as possible to ensure that the end of the pipe is 300mm below the liquid level during the operation.
(4). Push the four-way valve handle vertically to the ground.
(5). Hitch the transmission to neutral, then start the engine, separate the clutch, pull the power take-off switch backwards to pull the file, and the pump starts to run.
(6) The operator can observe the upper part of the rear head. When the liquid level reaches the middle of the sight glass, the operator should be notified that the coworker should quickly pull the suction hose away from the water or close the four-way valve.
(7) After retracting the hose, return it to the walk-in box and close the side door.
(8) Driving the water truck away from the pumping location
2. Spraying operation
(1) Pull the rear handle of the four-way valve to parallel with the ground, open the ball valve you want to spray (front punch, rear spray, side spray, shower), then start the engine and put the transmission into the gear, take the power take off device. The switch pulls back and pulls the gear, then the clutch is disengaged and the pump starts to run.
(2) After the water in the tank has been sprinkled, the driver should push the power take-off handle forward to remove the gear, and the sprinkling pump stops running.

Sprinklers for daily use Attention 1. Requirements for water sources
When the sprinkler uses the river ditch or pond as a source of water, pay attention to that all the ends of the suction pipe are not in the water. In order to avoid inhaling stones or more sand and drift debris, the suction pipe end is generally provided with a filtering device, and it is forbidden to remove the filtering device during the water absorption. If the water source is shallow, it is necessary to dig up the water absorption area in advance so as to ensure that it does not contain impurities and air. Different sprinkler pumps have different requirements for water sources. Clean water pumps require no impurities in the water. Turbid water pumps require no stones and excessive sediment in the water.
2. Add water diversion
Every time the centrifugal pump absorbs water, a certain amount of water must be added to the pump. After the addition, the water inlet must be closed. When the self-priming pump is used for the first time, it is necessary to add water, and it is unnecessary to add water afterwards.
3. The inlet pipe must be vacuumed
The water inlet system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum before it can suck water into the tank. The inlet pipe system must be sealed reliably, the hose can not be damaged, the hard pipe can not have cracks, otherwise it will have a phenomenon of air leakage, which will result in the situation that it cannot suck water.
4. Parking stalls
Before the water sprinkling vehicle or water sprinkling, the power take-off device must be parked.
5. Winter water release
Before the advent of winter, the water in the pumps and pipes should be vented to prevent freezing. The northern part of the country is generally no longer under construction during the severe winter. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the pump and the water pipe will be drained immediately to prevent future problems.
6. Watering precautions
The front sprinkler of the sprinkler is located at a low position, close to the ground, the spray pressure is relatively large, and can be used for flushing the road surface; the position of the rear sprinkler is relatively high (the sprinkler is generally installed on the left and right sides of the sprinkler), and the sprinkler surface is wide, and can be used for highway construction and watering. When the rear nozzle is used, the front nozzle should be closed; when using the adjustable nozzle, the width of the sprinkler can be adjusted as needed. The wider the sprinkler width, the less the amount of intermediate overlap and the more uniform the sprinkler density.
7. Lubrication and fastening
During the process of use, lubrication points of the transmission assembly should be regularly lubricated, and the joints should be tightened frequently to ensure normal use.
8. Regular sewage
The water tank of the sprinkler truck is provided with a sewage pipe. The inlet of the pipe is the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, the discharge pipe switch should be opened periodically to remove the accumulated debris from the tank until the water becomes clear.

Common Faults and Maintenance I. Motor Part
1. No response after power on. Most of them are caused by short-circuiting of power plugs, power outlets, and motor windings.
2, difficult to start or can not start, and accompanied by "squeak" sound. During inspection and repair, small bamboo strips can be used to rapidly move the blades according to the running direction. If the motor is quickly operated, it indicates that the starting capacitor or starting winding is damaged. Replace the capacitor with the same capacity or repair the starting winding. If the motor is issued, the motor and the pump head are mostly. Mechanical failure, such as bearing damage, stuck impeller and so on.
3, the motor can run, but the speed is slow, and the chassis is overheated, burned odor. Most of them are caused by the short circuit of the motor windings. The motor should be disassembled and repaired by welding, jumper, isolation, rewinding, etc., depending on the damage.
4, large noise and vibration during operation. Most of the bearings are damaged or the bearing and the chassis are not properly mated. The motor must be dismantled for inspection. If the bearings are damaged, they should be replaced. If the bearings run out of the circle, the pump shell can be mated with the stencil treatment. If the bearings run in a circle, The wear part of the motor shaft is stenciled, and the wear is serious. The repair is performed by first surfacing after welding.
Second, sprinkler pump head section
1. The motor runs normally but has little or no water. This situation should first check the sprinkler pump seal, check should first unplug the power plug, hand plug the suction port, fill the water pump, with the mouth to seal the exit and blow in the air, observe the pump head is leaking The leaking point is where the seal is damaged. Common faults include suction pad, outlet pad, and impeller cover pad, which should be replaced during maintenance. If there is no full water phenomenon, the impeller is damaged, the water-retaining partition between the water-absorbing chamber and the outlet chamber is worn out, the pump head is covered with water, and the gap between the impeller and the pump casing is increased. The impeller and the pump casing should be replaced. . When replacing the rake wheel, care should be taken to completely remove the remaining copper blades in the pump so as not to damage the new impeller again.
2, the chassis is charged. Most of them are damaged by water seals. Water penetrates into the motor through the motor shaft and deteriorates the insulation performance of the motor. It can be repaired by replacing the water seal and drying the motor. It should be noted that because the water pump is exposed to water for a long time and it is open to work in the open air, it is prone to moisture and deteriorates the insulation performance. In order to ensure personal safety, the self-priming pump of the electric sprinkler should be reliably grounded.

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