Peak Ambulance 3

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Basic introduction to the game name: Peak ambulance 3 [1]
English name: Mountain Rescue Driver 3
Game Type: Sports Games
Game size:4735K

Game Description Peak ambulance III! This time you are shouldering a very urgent rescue mission. The performance of the ambulance is very strong, but the mountain road is also unusually rugged. You need to constantly use the props and techniques to help you move forward smoothly, and try to speed up as much as possible. The purpose is to save people!

Peak Ambulance 3

Operation Guide Keyboard Direction Key ↑↓ Control Forward/Backward, ←→ Key Control Center of Gravity, Space Bar Launch Cannon, P Key Pause, R Key Replay

The goal of the game is to drive an ambulance to overcome obstacles, and to reach the destination safely, you can enter Shimonoseki.

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