Heavy rain, such as the investigation of the causes of the bizarre spontaneous combustion of private cars

Heavy rain such as private car bizarre spontaneous ignition causes of diesel generators | Diesel Generator Price / 2011-06-16

Heavy rain, such as note, the private car parked, actually burned.
Around 10 pm the day before yesterday, Pinghu was under heavy rain. The Pinghu Fire Brigade received an alarm call: A private car in the Beicheng Lijing district spontaneously ignited.
“In the rainy day, the private car will also spontaneously ignite?” The receptionist of the 119th call center initially thought that he had heard it wrong, but the other party replied with certainty that it was indeed the private car that ignited and did not report the false alarm.
After Pinghu Fire Brigade received the police, it quickly arrived at the scene. The firefighters saw that a car was burning spontaneously. The open fire had been extinguished by the police station of the police station and the security of the community.
Upon inspection, firefighters suspected that the fire was caused by a short circuit in the car battery circuit. For the sake of safety, firefighters pick up the hood with a crowbar and cut off the battery circuit in the car. Afterwards, the firefighters also inspected the vehicle.
It is understood that the owner of this car is Mr. Zhang who lives in an 11th floor of this community. Mr. Zhang told the firefighters afterwards that when he drove home that night, he found no abnormalities.
At about 10:00 pm, Mr. Zhang’s wife came home from work on the edge of the car and strangely discovered that the front of the car seemed to be smoking. When the wife shouted down Mr. Zhang and went downstairs, an open flame had been set on the front of the house. Fortunately, the community security and the police station arrived in time to join forces to extinguish the fire.
At present, the specific cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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