China's auto market in the first half of 2011

China's auto market in the first half of 2011 In the first half of 2011, the auto market in China is a bit weak. From January to May, automobile production and sales completed 7,777,700 units and 7,791,200 vehicles, respectively, an increase of 3.19% and 4.06% year-on-year, respectively, an increase of 52.4 and 49.19 percentage points from the same period of last year. If growth is so weak, one carelessness may fall to the edge of negative growth. Under such circumstances, I believe that it will continue for some time. It will become an open fact that car companies become anxious.

The market is in a state of turmoil and the aftershocks of earthquakes have not yet arrived. The earthquake in Japan has had an endless impact on the automotive industry worldwide. Although many Japanese car companies are proposing that the previous level can be restored in August, the shortage of parts and components is not immediately resolved, and many models are still in line to purchase.

The bad news of the auto market followed: The state canceled the preferential policies for various kinds of cars and made the consumers hold the coins for purchase; The rising oil prices made the prospective owners discouraged; The deterioration of the city's traffic has driven a large number of people waiting to buy cars. The subway makes the auto market a bit weak...

However, there is no lack of good news in the crisis: the launch of many new cars still continues the fresh faces of the auto market, giving people hope. In addition to continuing to introduce more new models, the automakers are attracting more attention from consumers. It may be that they continue to do basic work in customer relations.


The woods are big, what birds are there, and the car is big. What strange things are absurd? Some things can make you feel incredible, ridiculous, and even laugh! Some things make you puzzled. Some things make you angry and call out students who don't have time... Anyway, nowadays There are thousands of things in the car that can be used to sum up the oily poems that I have created myself: Worries and misgivings are hopefully spent, and when you spend it, there is no movement; when you hate the car, you will be empty after the autumn wind.

The most unbalanced: the profits of international car companies increased significantly

Benefit from the global auto market recovery, the international auto giants have achieved a good profit performance. Car manufacturers recently announced the financial report data for the first quarter of 2011. Eventually, General Motors won the most eye-catching results and became the most profitable car maker in the world in the first quarter of 2011. At the same time, it also set a profitability performance. US car prices also include Ford Motor Company. In addition, European and Korean automakers also performed well in the first quarter of this year.

In fact, the most profitable market for these international car companies is still in China. Some international big names joint ventures have strong profitability. Their performance directly supports the huge profits of international car companies. “In the wall, there is a flowering wall outside.” In China, the multinational giants have earned enough money in China but have shifted their profits abroad. This makes the Chinese people’s psychological feeling very unbalanced.

The most defensive: oil prices rose

The rise in the price of oil is normal. It does not seem that the people of the country are still not adjusting. Oil companies have such a high profit. Why do they increase oil prices? The person concerned of the National Development and Reform Commission explained that the increase in oil prices is also from the perspective of ensuring market supply.

The price of oil only rises and falls, and oil is much more valuable than stocks, gold, and grain. It is not an overstatement to say that it is the most defensive investment. Looking back at the NDRC's explanation, it is intriguing.

Most absurd: Huatai and Saab flash wedding flash

Huatai Motors and Saab Motors announced on May 3 that they will have "Flash Marriage". The two parties signed a strategic partnership agreement in Beijing and announced that they will jointly manufacture and distribute Saab branded vehicles at Huasheng. However, on May 12, Spyker issued a statement unilaterally to terminate the cooperation agreement with Huatai. From flash marriage to flash, Huatai Motors and Saab spent only 12 days.

An analyst said that the deal between Huatai and Saab was not surprising at all. For Spyker, Huatai's conditions and the conditions he could satisfy were "too weak." If you look at the list of top 20 Chinese companies, you can't even find the name of Huatai. Spyker hopes to find a "stronger" to save his destiny, and in China there will be a good "object" to be found. Huatai, it may have seen the current predicament, far from being able to "bear" it, so it chose to give up.

The most depressing: the decline in auto sales

This year, the auto market has almost no signs of getting better. As a result, many media have asked automobile executives early on whether they will grow negative this year. This is also the most depressing thing for major manufacturers and distributors.

The withdrawal of financial subsidies to promote the auto market is considered to be the primary factor that slows down market growth. In addition, real estate continues to be repressed, monetary tightening, oil prices spurt, and the weak auto market may continue. People couldn’t imagine that after experiencing the trough of 2008, how good the auto market would end so soon. Is it that the auto market has to rely on stimuli to rejuvenate?

The most shocking: Japan's earthquake caused global supply chain tension

The Great Earthquake in Japan was a tragedy for society and a disaster for the automobile and other industries. The supply chain of the three major car companies in Japan suffered a setback and the global automotive industry chain was also affected. Relatively speaking, the American cars and Korean cars have good development opportunities, while the German car has further expanded its production capacity to meet the increasing demand in the market. It is still a long time before Japan’s car companies are completely out of the shadows.

The Most Striving: The Auto Dealer Group Fights to List

On January 14, the huge automaker IPO went public and became the first auto dealer to be listed on the A-share market this year. According to sources, there are currently at least twenty or thirty distributor groups that have a clear listing plan, and the automobile circulation industry will have a number of listed companies in the next three years.

The shortage of funds is becoming one of the most important factors restricting the development of automobile dealers. Despite the sluggish market, the production plans of various manufacturers are still active, and the output of some independent brand auto manufacturers appears even more abundant. The increase in production capacity of the manufacturers will inevitably require dealers to increase their sales capabilities while also having stronger inventory capacity.

For automobile 4S stores, which rely primarily on financing from banks and auto companies, the monetary tightening has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of developing their business. Many dealers can only choose to market this herb to ease the current pain.

The most bad: Kumho Tires

Kumho is not the first time it has been complained and exposed. Kumho Tire, widely used as a car manufacturer, is actually overdosed with back-grade rubber, which is one of the blockbusters thrown at the 3-15th party this year.

The issue of Kumho Tires will not be an end. Maybe it is just the beginning. Kumho may not be the worst quality, but it is certainly a very bad representative. In addition, the incident sounded an alarm: The attitude towards consumers directly determines the survival of the company.

The busiest: high-speed bus companies busy jumping

Once the automotive industry marketing tiger Sun Xiaodong moved to the Peugeot Citroen Group; as Lexus's pioneer in China business, Toyota China deputy general manager Zeng Lintang's departure has attracted much attention; from 2005 onwards as the Volkswagen brand in China, marketing director Hu Bo, then promoted to the executive vice president of Land Rover China ... In addition to the above celebrities, there are more large and small resignations or high-level car company executives. The change of one person involves more variables of latecomers. The reason why people care about their stay is actually to pay attention to this corporate strategy change.

The models listed this year may not be as dense and diverse as in previous years, but there is still no shortage of heavyweight models. Among them, the most striking ones are the new Sonata of Hyundai and Kia (configured by the gallery reputation forum) and the K5 two mid-to-high-class cars, and then the Shanghai Volkswagen's "new Passat", while the new generation of luxury cars Audi A8L (configuration gallery reputation forum ) is also eye-catching. As for the Japanese cars, they are still unsatisfied and are basically small remodel models.

With the increasingly fierce competition and the homogenization of the models, it is impossible to think of a model that has been responding to all kinds of demands. Even the design of a model that makes people love at first sight is becoming increasingly rare. In this respect, the efforts of the Korean car are evident.

Most used: Yi Zhi

Guangzhou Automobile's FUV fashionable multi-function vehicle released during the Shanghai Auto Show was a time when it was just a matter of time. This model is China's first brand-new model built in accordance with the mid-to-high-class limousine standard. It integrates the advantages of three models: sedan, MPV, and SUV.

It has four advantages: “Fashionable appearance and high-quality interior, spacious and changeable space, abundant power, excellent fuel economy, and top-level safety performance”. It is in line with the pursuit of a car, and is suitable for consumers. Waiting for car demand.

As a commercial and domestic vehicle, YiYin also boasts many advanced safety features such as standard ABS anti-lock brake system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system, BA brake assist system and other conventional safety equipment. All models are equipped with VSC body stability control system, TRC traction control system and HAC (uphill starting assist control system), which are widely used in mid-to-high-class vehicles. This configuration is extremely rare in the same class of vehicles. Therefore, the advent of Ease, will rewrite the market structure of family multi-purpose cars, and cause greater repercussions.

The safest: Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of April 8, 2011, the China Automotive Technology and Research Center convened the "2011 First C-NCAP Evaluation Results Presentation Conference". Among them, Guangzhou Automobile's outstanding score of 48.8 points has become the highest score in this batch of models, and it ranks among the highest scores in the history of C-NCAP collisions.

Pass on comprehensive and balanced security, winning the unanimous recognition of the collision scene experts and the media. Its score is also the highest achievement in the current C-NCAP safety crash test for self-owned brand models, which has set a new record for brand safety.

Since the launch of the C-NCAP security collision in 2006, only 13 models have hit 48 points. Among them, Chuan Qi and Camry, Odyssey ranked fifth with 48.8 points, ranked in front of them is C-RV (50.6 points), Accord (50.3 points), New Regal (49.7 points), Platinum think of Rui (48.9 points).

In addition, Chuanyu also has three fixed points for child safety seats. This joint is connected to the back of the car seat to improve the stability of the child safety seat in the event of a violent impact and prevent the seat from falling off. Experts believe that using the ISOFIX child seat international standard installation device can reduce serious casualties (especially in the neck) of children aged 0-4 years by 22%. The importance of safety details is evident.

The most revolutionary: Concept S1

In the past two years, there have been more and more joint-venture auto brands in China, and concepts, Kai Chen and Bao Chun have been launched and released. The concept is a self-owned brand launched by Guangzhou Automobile Honda, which has set a domestic first and can be said to be revolutionary. Many people had previously questioned differently whether this autonomy is truly autonomous and what can be achieved after independence. Will autonomy only stay at the low end to grab the market, while the mid-to-high end is still monopolized by foreign brands?

The birth of ideas partly answered people's doubts. After the hot sale, people began to see the diversification of their own brands. Regardless of the brand name and level of the brand, the Chinese will participate in the design and development process. This is a revolutionary start. With the production and quality control of joint ventures as the background and the foundation of foreign platforms, the autonomy of joint ventures has become more persuasive, and even surpasses some of the independent brands that have come from simple plagiarism.

The development of the domestic market, the expansion of overseas markets, and the development of the future are the main reasons why joint ventures are keen to push their own brand models. Even if the foreign party leaves in the future, it will not let our factory become hollow, because we have our own brand, and stay in China, no longer subject to foreign.

Most look forward to: Sonata

As the strategic product of Beijing's modern high-end car market, the introduction of the eighth-generation Sonata not only made Beijing Hyundai build a more rationalized product layout for high-end brands in the segment market, but also enabled Beijing Hyundai’s corporate brand to rise to an unprecedented level. height. From the feedback of the listed areas, the eighth generation of Sonata received a lot of praise, among which several foreign authoritative magazines also awarded the award for the best mid-level car of the year. It is reported that after the car was launched in the United States at the beginning of last year, its sales volume has remained at around 20,000 for several months, ranking the top TOP10 sellers in the United States, leaving the traditional best-selling models such as Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion behind. The top three in the US mid-level market has become the best-selling mid-size car in North America that is comparable to the Camry and Accord. Sonata has successively won the highest award in the US NCAP (Insurance Industry Association) 2010 5 star rating (4 stars for the Camry), the first place in the comprehensive evaluation of US high-class cars, and the NCAP 5 star rating of Australia. At the same time, since February 2010, the eighth generation of Sonata has been awarded the “Best Safe Car Award” in the United States, the “Best Value-Added Middle-Class Vehicle”, the “Best Class B Sedan,” and “The Most Worth of 2011. A number of authoritative awards, including the purchase of models, proved its superior quality at the same level. With so many honors in the name, the eighth generation of Sonata is worthy of being the "most anticipated model" in the first half of the year.

The most coquettish: The new BMW 3 Series Coupé

All the main elements of the front, sides and rear of the new BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible are refined, and the design improvements include hoods, front deflectors, side plackets, rear Diffusers and slightly elongated front and rear suspensions and many other components. Another innovation in the new BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible is the use of Xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, the headlight unit can also be equipped with an adaptive headlight, which can follow the direction of the route ahead. The new BMW 335i Coupé and the new BMW 335i Convertible introduced for the first time carry a newly developed inline 6-cylinder 3.0-liter engine that combines BMW's twin-scroll turbocharger technology, high-precision direct injection system and Valvetronic Electronics. Combined valve management, the new car is equipped with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The new BMW 3 Series Coupé can be considered very irrelevant in terms of form, power system and configuration.

Most Muscles: Kemero

At this year's Shanghai International Auto Show, the "Bumblebee" --- "legacy performance sports car" Chevrolet Camaro finally landed in China. Since its inception in 1966, Comoros has passed five generations of models and sold more than one million vehicles. It has witnessed the evolution of American automobile culture for decades and is undoubtedly a symbol of American sports cars. Although the Chinese name has a mouthful, it does not prevent it from becoming a celebrity model, and its unique shape and performance have also become a model for many fans to understand and understand the American muscle sports car. With its masculine spirit, Camaro Camaro brought a powerful "American muscle" to the Chinese auto market. As a model of the US-based muscle sports car, Camaro showed the classic rules of the two-door, four-seat and rear-drive of the large American sports car. Kemero equipped with a new generation of 3.6L high-performance V6 VVT SIDI engine to achieve better performance and Fuel economy. Its maximum power output of 215kW, torque is as high as 366Nm, is second to none at the same level of sports cars, so that Camaro has the power performance of its "muscle car" appearance.

The most classic: Porsche 911

Porsche 911 series is one of the most legendary models in the entire world of Porsche and even Germany. It is believed that Porsche 911 will have its place in the eyes of anyone. Its long history and every classic model has brought profound influence to several generations.

Porsche 911Edition Style limited production of 188 vehicles. In the interior color scheme, 911 Edition Style adopts a black and beige interior, giving up the original pure beige interior and giving people a more sporty visual impact. In the dashboard's background color selection, 911 Edition Style uses the same black design as the dashboard, which is more sporty. Power, 911 Edition Style uses 3.6L displacement engine with DFI technology, maximum power 254kw (345 hp) / 6500rpm, peak torque 390N · m / 4400rpm, transmission matching for the 7-speed PDK dual clutch transmission. Accelerated hardtops and convertibles for each hundred kilometers were 4.7/4.9 seconds. In addition, Porsche also provides customers with Sport Chrono upgraded components that provide more dynamic chassis and engine settings.

The most brilliant: Mercedes-Benz E260L

In addition to the increase in wheelbase, the appearance of the extended version of the E-Class has not undergone any major changes. The new “L” tail is naturally essential, but in addition to the front face and the side Both are basically the same as the regular version, the style is tough and dynamic and the fashion is the highlight of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan is different from other executive-class cars. The E-grade extended version is the 260L CGI model, which is equipped with a 1.8T turbocharged engine. The meaning of CGI is that it has a direct-injection technology, similar to the mass TSI, but much stronger than it. . Therefore, this engine can achieve excellent balance of power and excellent fuel economy. It is one of the most advanced and practical technologies. Although the transmission was not equipped with the excellent 7G-Tronic version, the 5-speed automatic transmission has a fairly good ride. Mercedes-Benz's latest technology coupled with domestic prices make this car the most luminous vehicle.

Most Life: New Sunshine

New Sunshine is divided into three levels: comfort version, luxury version and distinguished version. The price ranges from RMB 82,800 to RMB 112,800. The new sunlight is equipped with a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine model HR15DE, using dual C-VTC variable valve timing technology, the maximum output power of 112 hp (82kW), the maximum output torque of 139N · m; The gearbox with the combination of five-speed manual and CVT stepless transmission two options, the new sun CVT gearbox is a new design, smaller size, high transmission ratio to reduce fuel consumption also played a great help. In the safe configuration, the current mainstream ABS, EBD, BA and other systems are all equipped in the new Sunshine models.

Based on consumers who buy Nissan Sunlight, most of them are used as homes. Therefore, its spacious interior space is absolutely competent. Luxury models increase the attention to the comfort of the rear row and increase the rear center armrests. Such as the tuyere, the purchase of this car can bring higher comfort to the rear passengers, but also allows owners to look more decent in front of family and friends.

The most saliva: New Passat

Shanghai Volkswagen New Passat, which started as a spy in the industry since last year, drew people's appetite for a year and finally went public during the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. The entire new generation of Passat introduced a variety of models such as 1.8TSI, 2.0TSI and 3.0L V6, and the price range is from 216,800 to 3,180,800. The first models to be sold in the market were 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI, and the models had eight colors. Different from the past changes in Shanghai Volkswagen Passat, this vertical change has undergone great changes both in the appearance, interior and power of the vehicle. The new Passat has a body size of 4870mm x 1834mm x 1480mm and a wheelbase of 2803mm. Shanghai Volkswagen New Passat is equipped with the main thrust of the public powertrain - TSI turbocharged direct injection engine + DSG dual clutch gearbox. Its 1.8TSI engine rated power 118KW/4500-6200rpm, maximum torque of 250N · m/1500-4500rpm, equivalent to the same level of 2.4L displacement power; 2.0TSI engine rated power of 147KW/5100-6000rpm, maximum torque of 280N · m/1700-5000rpm, reaching the same level of 2.8L power level.

The most imposing: the new Audi A8L

I would like to ask the Chinese auto market luxury car market who is the boss, of course, is the answer Audi. However, behind the yellow bust of Audi, it is also difficult to say. In 2010, among the three flagship products of the German luxury car brands, the BMW 7 Series sold over 26,000 vehicles in China, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sold over 25,000 vehicles, and the Audi A8L only sold less than 5000. Vehicle. The A8L is Audi's flagship model. It was originally the best. The result was a bad breath and it wasn't mentioned yet. This breath slammed Audi into injury. Ever since, for the new A8L, Audi has not only upgraded its models to a down-to-earth escalation, but has also chosen a venue for launching listings: In China, the tallest building in China, under the "Guangzhou Tower," a huge amount of money was spent directly "8"-shaped double-storey building, the conference screen is 3D, and this is only the main venue. Audi is so determined that the "luxury theater" in the second half of the year will be worth seeing.

The most pragmatic: Pentium B502011 paragraph

Since the launch of the Pentium B50, it has become the consumer's leapfrog in terms of model specifications, power configuration, and safety, comfort, and fuel economy. After the launch of the new Pentium B50, it has consolidated its superior position in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality. The body size of the Benz B504600mm*1785mm*1435mm is matched with the wheelbase of 2675mm, and the space surpasses that of many other cars in its class. The 2011 Pentium B50 is based on the "Large Size", and the appearance of the five composite aluminum alloys with a more sporty appearance. Alloy wheels meet the requirements of most consumers for practical space and aesthetic appearance. 2011 Pentium B50 relatively old models in the appearance of changes are not prominent, and the internal changes is precisely to be personally experienced will be found, can be said that 2011 B50 is a low-key and pragmatic change.

The most advanced: Kia K5

After the successful launch of Chi running, Dongfeng Yueda Kia K5 came to China with a brand-new design family style. It has to be said that compared to the old models of Kia, the new design style is in line with the domestic consumer aesthetics. In addition, Kia's old midsize car has little market in the domestic market. It is obviously inappropriate to rely on SUV models to support it. Therefore, the emergence of the new K5 has reason. The new generation of Dongfeng Yueda Kia K5 directly aimed at the mid-size car this segment of the Japanese three major cars Accord, Camry and Tian Hao, will soon be listed on the same door brother new Sonata and the new Regal, Dongfeng Citroen C5. Compared with competing products, especially relative to the three major Japanese cars, the lack of Dongfeng Yueda Kia K5 is the product's popularity and consumer influence, but after all, these three products have been on the market for some time, aesthetic And the technology is relatively old, K5 is in the overseas release soon came to the country, the product's freshness and new technology and aesthetic advantages are relatively; compared to other US Department, German products, domestic K5 occupy a certain degree of cost-effective Advantage.

Most cattle: Q5

Although during the 3·15 period, Shenzhen opened the first ticket to increase the price of the car, and fined up to one million yuan. However, this did not stop the Audi Q5's fare increase. Currently in Guangzhou, Audi Q5 is now buying a 40,000 yuan increase, you can get a car within half a month. For customers who do not want to increase their prices, they have to wait at least six months. Some models have even been dispatched to one year later. It is understood that the production capacity of the Audi Q5 Changchun Second Plant will reach a design capacity of 200,000 vehicles in advance in the second half of the year. Although Audi had already announced that the Audi Q5 plan for production and sales will be 50,000 at the beginning of the year, with the surging market demand, Audi has the ability to gradually increase the production capacity of the Audi Q5. Therefore, the availability of the Audi Q5 in the second half of this year is expected to change.

National and local policies affect the choice of the majority of vehicle owners at any moment. This year's purchase tax concessions were abolished, and then Beijing's Yaohao on the card, Shanghai's bid on the card... Although many cities like Guangzhou claimed not to limit the car on the card, but even without restrictions, the owner also It is no longer as easy to buy as it used to be. The increasingly congested traffic environment has caused many people who are ready to buy a car to either quickly buy a car or push a car and even move to a convenient place to take the subway.

Most look forward to: 12th Five-year car planning

Although each industry has its own 12th Five-Year Plan, planning for the entire industry is the most difficult and most anticipated. According to the current draft of the plan, in 2015, China will promote the coordinated development of the automotive industry and related industries, urban transport infrastructure and environmental protection. It is expected that the production and sales volume in 2015 will reach 25 million vehicles. The self-owned brand car will become the cornerstone of the Chinese auto industry to become bigger and stronger. In 2015, the proportion of China's self-owned brand auto market will further expand, and the domestic market share of self-owned brand passenger vehicles will exceed 50%, of which the domestic share of self-owned brand cars will exceed 40%. In addition, the Chinese auto industry will shift from relying on the domestic demand market to large-scale exports. In 2015, the percentage of auto brand auto exports accounted for more than 10% of production and sales.

To achieve this goal, China will vigorously support its own development efforts, encourage auto manufacturers to increase their research and development capabilities and technological innovation capabilities, actively develop products with independent intellectual property rights, and implement brand management strategies. In 2015, a number of well-known automotive brands were formed. Large-scale auto enterprise groups should have the ability to develop independent product platforms that are close to the world's advanced level. Key automobile companies should have main products such as body development and chassis matching capabilities, engines and other key assemblies and key components. Leading ability.

The most sturdy: Yaohao buy a car

On January 1, the Beijing Motor Vehicle License Application Website was opened. On January 26, the results of the first round of car shakes in Beijing were produced. From then on, Beijingers bought cars and spent days like lottery tickets.

This year, the total amount of minibuses in Beijing is 240000, of which 88% are individuals, 2% are operated minibuses, and 10% are units. According to reports, this figure is based on the city's demand for passenger cars, road traffic, and environmental carrying capacity. The total amount and proportion are not static. In the future, each relevant department will regulate the number of motor vehicles accordingly.

In April this year, the fourth-wheeled motor vehicle in Beijing was shaken. The data showed that the winning rate was 27 to 1. This disparity in proportion shows that this is a car purchase that must be fortunate enough to be shaken. The first three phases of the shake have shaken nearly 60,000 indicators, but the number of shaken cars is not much. At present, many people who have shaken up the number are not in a hurry to buy a car, but are watching the auto market and are ready to sell it when the price is right.

The pit father: Some cities in Beijing have increased their parking fees.

On April 1, Beijing drastically increased parking fees. Up to 15 yuan / hour, it is not allowed to "privately discounted", offenders heavily punished. It is reported that this is to ease the current situation of urban traffic congestion. This time, it was deemed to be a potent drug following the "limit line" and "limit purchase" through "staggering price leverage". With the passage of time, the focus of the public's attention and debate on the New Deal of price hikes has also changed from the effectiveness of governance to the deeper issues such as parking fees.

Subsequently, Guangzhou repeatedly reported that it was necessary to increase urban parking fees to ease traffic pressures, and said that Beijing’s price increase was very effective. In fact, to improve the problem of managing traffic congestion by charging fees, domestic reasons are exactly the same, and some experts even recommend charging for road congestion fees. In fact, this is not a fundamental solution to the problem. The way to alleviate traffic congestion lies in vigorously building public transportation, advocating green travel, and finding ways to tap existing resources and improve the level of traffic management services.

Most helpless: cancellation of purchase tax preferences

The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation levied a vehicle purchase tax reduction rate of 7.5% for passenger vehicles with a displacement of 1.6 liters or less and ceased to implement the policy after the expiration date on December 31, 2010, effective from January 1, 2011. The vehicle purchase tax is levied uniformly at the 10% rate.

After the cancellation of the preferential policy, a passenger car with a displacement of 100,000 yuan or less will have to pay an additional purchase tax of 2,500 yuan. The news of the cancellation of vehicle purchase tax concessions, together with the introduction of the Beijing blockade policy, has caused Beijing's frantic auto buying surge around 2011.

Cancellation policies do not show any control over urban congestion, but they have an immediate effect on the cooling effect of the auto market. Many people immediately do not want to buy a car or postpone buying a car. Since the government no longer encourages, buying a car is not an emergency. Consumers are still willing to wait and wait for lower prices to wait for a suitable new car. The good policies have been cancelled. Not only the users but also the auto companies who wanted to do a great job.

The most shocking: drunk driving into the sentence

From May 1st, the “Criminal Law Amendment (VIII)” and the revised “Road Traffic Safety Law” that have attracted the attention of the masses were formally implemented. After the revision of the law, penalties for illegal driving such as drunken driving were increased. Among them, drunken driving and poorly chased pursuits constitute dangerous driving offences and will be severely punished by law.

Gao Xiaosong, a well-known domestic musician, hit the gun. On the evening of May 9th, he drove a traffic accident in Beijing. He had been tested for alcohol and he had 243.44 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood, which was more than double the drunk driving standard. Gao Xiaosong was subsequently detained by the Beijing police for suspected dangerous driving. Later, Gao Xiaosong wrote down the promise of never drinking. For a time, the discussion on drunk driving has become a lively topic for the majority of car owners, and the driving industry is also alive and well.

In the first half of this year, many high-level car companies frequently exchanged blood, indicating that the major car companies have taken active strategic adjustments to the market for many uncertainties. From the beginning of the year to the present, the changes in the middle-level and senior-level personnel of various manufacturers have different reasons, among which the leadership period has expired, the normal rotation has taken place, and the focus of the company’s development goals has also changed, and more suitable candidates are required to “change blood”. There are changes in the competition among car companies that compete for talents. Of course, there are also cases where the business is not progressing smoothly or sales are not satisfactory.

The most beautiful scenery: Xu Jianyi

This year, FAW Group Corporation set up a board of directors, 57-year-old Xu Jianyi no longer assume the position of general manager, changed the chairman and party committee secretary of Anymo Group. After Xu Jianyi changed his status, he was still the head of FAW, and the establishment of the board of directors was exactly a FAW restructuring joint-stock company, which in turn fulfilled the prelude to the overall listing. This personnel change is to accelerate the establishment of a modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics.

The most pressure: Ye Yongming

In February of this year, Ye Yongming succeeded Ding Lei as General Manager of Shanghai General Motors. However, Ye Yongming took over as Shanghai GM’s “headman” position, and also belonged to the “high-ranking”. Ding Lei left his successor Ye Yongming with a perfect transcript: In 2010, Shanghai GM took 1.03 million vehicles. The sales volume was perfect, with a year-on-year increase of 42.8%, and it recaptured the lost sales championship for two years.

The most ups and downs: Dong Changzheng

In April this year, Dong Changzheng was appointed as Executive Vice President of Toyota China. Dong Changzheng’s resume is quite rich. The appointment of Dong Changzheng by Toyota is a step to strengthen localization. Dong Changzheng, who is responsible for public relations for a long time, will strengthen the work of Toyota China in this area. At present, Dong Changzheng has become the highest-ranking Chinese in Toyota's Chinese management team.

Most Sadness: Sun Xiaodong

In May of this year, Sun Xiaodong joined the management team of PSA Peugeot Citroen Group in Asia and became a member of Peugeot Citroen Group's Asian Management Committee. Sun Xiaodong joined Shanghai General Motors in early 1997 and was officially appointed as the deputy general manager of Shanghai GM in 2007. Under his leadership, Shanghai GM’s marketing team set up successful marketing cases such as “Sail” and “Kai Yue”.

Most proud: Li Shufu

"It doesn't matter if I don't obey him. He can't obey me, but he's still my son. He doesn't obey me. He doesn't have Lee?" . From the bizarre view that “cars are motorcycles and two wheels”, Volvo’s income has now fallen. Li Shufu is deducting the Chinese version of “Henry Ford”.

The most dazed: Zeng Lintang

It is reported that Zeng Lintang left because Lexus was slow to expand in China, lagging far behind other luxury cars in China. Another source believes that he resigned because of his old age and reached the retirement age. In any case, as the pioneer of Lexus in China, Zeng Lintang is a veteran and even a hero. Zeng Lintang chose to withdraw at this time, somewhat awkward.

Most entertaining: Gao Xiaosong

Although Gao Xiaosong is not a person in the auto industry, he is the first person in the entertainment industry who violated the new version of the “drinking and driving” law this year. He has also become the subject of this year’s college entrance examination composition in Liaoning Province. It must be said that entertainment stars have been fined, which has increased the public's awareness of the new criminal law and the vigilance of the "drunk drive".

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