China has become the main symbol of the world’s leading bearing country

The total economic scale of economy is among the best in the world. There are 2-3 leading company sales in the top ten in the world.

Industrial structure industrial concentration has increased significantly. Cultivate a number of large enterprise groups with annual sales exceeding RMB 5 billion. Several industrial accumulation areas have developed into bearing industry clusters with international influence and annual sales of over 20 billion yuan. Leading companies' modern manufacturing services account for more than 25% of their main business income.

Independent innovation capability forms a complete independent innovation system. The technical innovation backbone and leading role of Luoxuan Institute, Zhongji Machine 10 Institute, and Henan University of Science and Technology played an effective role. Rely on the vanguard companies to build 2-3 national engineering technology research centers or national engineering research centers. The state-identified enterprise technology center has grown from 5 now to more than 10. Constitute a number of industry-academia alliances for technological innovation.

The research on basic theory of bearings achieved 1-2 breakthroughs. The research and application of a number of core common technologies have achieved significant results.

The bearing standard system has reached the international advanced level. Get the right to speak in the International Organization for Standardization. There are 5% -10% of the international standards for bearings for our country to host or participate in the revision.

Obtain a batch of core technology independent intellectual property rights. There are more than 5,000 state-licensed patents in the period of validity, including more than 1,000 invention patents.

The brand effect has 2-3 advantages. The bearing brand of the company has become a world brand, and has the same reputation and reputation as the world's eight leading multinational bearing companies.

Product-level product design and manufacturing technology. The physical quality of products includes accuracy, performance, longevity, and reliability. In particular, reliability and consistency must reach the international advanced level. The autonomy rate of the major equipment supporting bearings reached over 80%.

Tower Crane Gear

Tower Crane gear means the 19 38 99 teeth gear and the bevel gear, which are the critical parts of the tower crane reducer. 19 teeth gear and 38 teeth gear are connected with two motor shaft repectively, which are connected with 99 teeth gear. The speed is reduced by the transmission of gears.

Bevel gear is used for tower crane hoisting reducer.

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