Datang International Coal Gas Makes "Heat" Brand

In an interview with Datang International Keshikeng Coal Gas Natural Gas Co., Ltd., it was learned that the company’s first state-level coal-to-gas natural gas demonstration project had a series of independent innovation technologies that had led the project construction. The company’s chief engineer, Wu Min, introduced that this project not only needs to be put into production in the country for the first time, but also leads the development of the coal-to-natural gas industry in the technical field.

According to Wu Hao introduction, the use of independent innovation technology is the highlight of the project. At the beginning of the establishment of the project, the company organized technical personnel and industry experts to establish a design optimization, process technology innovation agencies, technical improvements to the recovery of phenol and ammonia, and technology research on methane synthesis and sewage treatment. At present, the entire coal-to-natural gas process, from air separation to the final environmental protection link, has not yet achieved breakthroughs other than the methanation process technology. Other parts have adopted home-grown technologies and equipment. At the same time, they have used their own technical strength to design. optimization.

The methane synthesis technology has long been monopolized by developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, and the methanation catalyst synthesis technology is firmly in the hands of a few developed countries. Wu Hao believes that the development of China's new coal chemical industry and the application of technology are severely constrained. To this end, the company has carried out its own research on the core technologies of the two major coal-based natural gas technologies, including the development of methanogenic process technology and the development of methanation catalysts and industrial demonstration production, and has been listed as one of the national “863” key projects. At present, the company has completed the dynamics experiment, and the pilot plant simulator and sideline test equipment have also been manufactured. It is planned to use the independently produced methanation catalyst when the entire coal gas project is completed and put into operation.

It is understood that in August 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission formally approved the approval of the Keshikeng coal-based natural gas project. The project is designed to produce 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. The project will be constructed in three phases. The first phase is expected to have the conditions for start-up and commissioning at the end of this year, and it will be completed and put into operation in June 2012.

Up to now, the equipment for the first phase of the air separation zone has been installed and it is planned to produce qualified oxygen and nitrogen on August 15 of this year. The installation of all equipment in the first phase of the gasification zone is completed and the process pipeline installation is underway. The gasification furnace is scheduled to ignite on August 31st. In the first phase of low-temperature methanol washing, all the tower cranes are hoisted into place. It is planned that the conditions for air-conditioning will be available by December 15. In the first phase of sulfur recovery, all static equipments were installed. It is planned to complete the catalyst loading and get gas conditions before December 15. A total length of 315.31 kilometers of natural gas pipelines has been completed and is 271.32 kilometers. It is planned to be completed on October 30, reaching Beijing and becoming Beijing's second atmospheric source.

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