Cummins expands its team to add 600 employees

Diesel engine manufacturer Cummins Engine Company (Cummins Engine Inc) recently said that the company plans in the next few years in its office headquarters in Indiana recruit 600 new employees.

It is reported that the headquarter of Cummins Indiana covers an area of ​​130,000 square feet (about 11.21 million square meters), and the investment amount is 18 million US dollars, which is adjacent to the company's corporate park in Columbus. Cummins has carried out three expansion activities in the region since last year. After the recruitment of employees, Cummins’s number of employees in Columbus will approach 3,000, which is about three times the number of local employees in 2008.

Cummins said that the company plans to recruit engineers, human resources, information technology, marketing and administrative management personnel for its headquarters building in Columbus.

According to statistics released by Cummins, the company's performance in 2010 was impressive, which was largely due to the rapid development of the international market (especially China, India, and Brazil). According to the data, more than 60% of Cummins’ sales are from markets outside the United States.

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