China's plastics machinery and products industry will jointly develop

The China Plastics Machinery Industry Association and the China Plastics Processing Industry Association recently held a seminar on the development trend of injection molding machine technology in Ningbo. The two associations stated that the plastics machinery and plastics products industry should strengthen cooperation in the future to jointly achieve sound development.

At present, the output of China's presses and plastic products ranks first and second in the world respectively. It is a world's largest producer, but China has not yet become a world power. The outstanding problems in these two industries are that the product technology content is not high, the new products and new technologies in the plastics industry are slow to launch, while the plastics machinery industry is facing fierce international competition, and there is no advantage in relying on prices for low-end competition. It can be said.

As a direct user of presses, plastic products companies directly affect the development trend of the press industry. The strengthening of the plastics industry's ties with the plastics industry will help the press industry understand the market and adjust the direction and product structure in a timely manner. In addition, excellent equipment is a tool to promote the upgrading of products, strengthen the communication and cooperation between the plastic products industry and the press industry, change the current situation in which some high-precision presses mainly rely on imports, and promote the localization of presses. The production cost of plastic products companies has dropped drastically, which further enhances the competitiveness of plastics molding products companies.

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