Analysis of market demand for environmental protection mechanical seals in emerging industries

As an emerging industry that is rapidly emerging in China, environmental protection machinery will open up a new market for the hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry. After analysis and induction, the representative products of some environmental protection machinery supporting the use of hydraulic pneumatic seals are:

In the daily processing 100,000 tons, 200,000 tons of urban sewage complete sets of equipment, used in the sludge concentration and dewatering belt type concentrating filter press, the tensioning mechanism is equipped with a hydraulic system, some correction methods using hydraulic plus automatic feedback Some use pneumatic refueling switches; low-speed flow stimulators are used to promote the horizontal flow of sewage. In order to protect their special submersible motors and speed reducers from normal and safe work, some domestic enterprises use three-stage sealing technology, namely double-end mechanical seals. Plus single-end mechanical seal, plus PTFE seal; In addition, all kinds of suction aerator and oxygenator, ozone generator, chlorine dioxide generator, sodium hypochlorite generator, etc., all need to meet a variety of different requirements Sealing technology and seals.

Various bag type dust collectors and filters used for air pollution prevention and control are pneumatically controlled in the dust removal structure, and are equipped with special pneumatic components such as different cylinders, electromagnetic differential valve or cleaning pneumatic switching valves.

Solid waste treatment equipment, for example, a new type of garbage truck developed for large-scale sealed dumping, solid waste (including metal waste, rubber and plastic waste, and urban waste) compaction equipment, garbage incineration equipment, and landfill equipment (including dedicated excavation Machines, scrapers, etc., all use electromechanical-hydraulic integrated systems that are hydraulically driven and controlled and require a large number of hydraulic components and seals.

In the field of noise and vibration control equipment and environmental monitoring instrumentation, sealing technology is also widely used.

To sum up, according to the total amount of input that China expects to use for ecological construction and environmental protection during the “10th Five-Year Plan”, the prospects for the development of the national environmental protection industry and environmental protection machinery, and the demand for some hydraulic machinery and pneumatic seals for representative products of environmental protection machinery According to preliminary estimates, by 2005, the market demand for hydraulic pneumatic seals for domestic environmental protection machinery is: about 200,000 hydraulic parts, sales of 70 million yuan, 400,000 pneumatic components, and sales of 70 million yuan; About 40 million seals, sales of 50 million yuan.

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