Large-scale production of fertilizer using coke oven gas in China has become a reality

It was learned from Shanxi Province Chemical Design Institute that large-scale production of chemical fertilizers using coke oven gas in China has become a reality. After nearly 80 days of continuous operation, by the end of June, Fengxi Huarui Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., chaired by the Shanxi Provincial Chemical Design Institute, coke oven gas production of 180,000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia and processing of 300,000 tons/year of urea projects. The indicators have reached the design level. It is understood that using coke oven gas as raw material for the production of synthetic ammonia processing urea, the cost per ton is reduced by 220 yuan compared with the use of anthracite as raw material, and the product has a strong competitive advantage.
China has abundant coke oven gas resources. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of coke oven gas per year for direct discharge and “daylight” reaches more than 20 billion cubic meters. Shanxi Chemical Design Institute has been working on the development and utilization of coke oven gas in recent years, in particular, it has done a lot of technical development work in the coke oven gas to ammonia production urea process, successfully developed a large-scale coke oven gas conversion to produce ammonia, Created conditions for industrialization.
In order to make effective use of the abundant coke oven gas resources in Shanxi Province, at the end of 2005, Fengxi Huarui Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., a newly established Sino-foreign joint venture, reached an agreement with the Shanxi Provincial Chemical Engineering Design Institute and was responsible for the production of coke oven gas by Huarui Company. Million / year synthetic ammonia, processing 300,000 tons of urea engineering process design tasks.
In order to solve the problem of purification and conversion of coke oven gas, Shanxi Provincial Chemical Design Institute and related equipment companies jointly tackled the problem. In the design, advanced energy-saving technologies, equipment, and new catalysts were adopted, and waste heat recovery and utilization was strengthened. In the process route, they used the process of collecting the initially cleaned coke oven gas, entering the tar trap to remove tar droplets, entering the sulfur ammonia process and eluting the benzene process, and boosting the removal of hydrogen sulfide, dry process desulfurization, and enrichment. Oxygen catalytic conversion and other key technologies; In the technical program, the use of raw gas compression, coke oven gas dry desulfurization, coke oven gas conversion, carbon and other core processes; in the main equipment, took the low pressure and high pressure section Sectional compression, process reformation of the reformer, effectively promoted the conversion of coke oven gas.
In particular, it is worth mentioning that the entire design of the project adopts domestic equipment, which not only greatly reduces the investment cost, but also reduces the operation and maintenance costs.
The industrialization of the production of synthetic ammonia to process urea from coke oven gas as raw material is an industrialization of technology. It has played a positive role in solving the problem of coke oven gas outsourcing in coking enterprises, extending the industrial chain and achieving clean production.

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