China-Europe Construction Machinery Market has an increasing charm

In recent years, China's export market for construction machinery and equipment has undergone tremendous changes, and the export output of Chinese manufacturing companies has continued to grow rapidly. At the same time, the quality, reliability, and customer support level of export products have also continuously increased. As China's export products are increasingly accepted by emerging product markets, domestic manufacturers are increasingly keen to break into foreign markets.
At present, countries in Central Europe, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, and Hungary, need to carry out large-scale infrastructure construction, and they are all EU member states. EU funds will be injected in large quantities into the Central European region to support the foundations here. Facilities construction.
With huge amounts of investment flowing into all the economic fields of these countries, it is expected that the annual growth rate of the construction machinery market in Central and European countries will reach at least 10%. Therefore, there is a vast market for construction machinery in these countries.
According to statistics, the construction machinery market in Central Europe has grown significantly in recent years: the annual demand for the construction machinery market in the Czech Republic is currently around 2,500 units, which is a significant increase over the level of 1,500 units in 2000; Poland is funded by the European Union’s infrastructure construction fund. The sales of construction machinery and equipment are in good condition. The annual demand for construction machinery and equipment is also around 1,500 units. The Slovak republic and Hungary are small in scale and small in population. However, the demand for construction machinery and equipment in both countries has increased by 50 in the past five years. %, the current annual demand totaled 2,500 units.
Compared with the overall demand level in Western Europe, the demand in Central Europe is still relatively small. If we look at the overall situation in Europe, the current demand for construction machinery and equipment in China and Europe is only equivalent to 5% in Western Europe, and by 2010 this ratio It is possible to rise to 8% to 10%. But for domestic manufacturing companies, these demands represent a promising potential business opportunity. Secondly, in terms of profits, the profit rate of each equipment exported to China and Europe is at least twice that of domestic products, so the China-Europe market is undoubtedly worthy of much attention by Chinese manufacturing companies.
At the same time, although the scale of the China-Europe market is small, it is an advantageous platform for helping Chinese construction machinery manufacturers to enter products into the Western European market. Domestic enterprises can gain rich experience in understanding the product expectations of foreign users in these countries, and lay the foundation for entering the Western European market.
In addition, domestic companies should recognize that there is a big difference in the structure of each equipment market. Some countries may be very interested in a particular product, because in these product areas these countries have the dominant local manufacturers, while other countries may favor other types of equipment because of the end-user preferences.
Hungary: In recent years, there have been many sales of skid steer loaders, but there has been a slight decline in market holdings; sales of telescopic forklifts have achieved substantial growth in both engineering construction and agriculture.
Czech Republic: The sales volume of backhoe loaders is very large and it is more or less important in the total sales volume. The overall development of the hydraulic excavator is good; the skid steer loader is still the mainstream product.
Slovakia: The backhoe loader continues to dominate, accounting for 35% of the total sales of construction machinery and equipment in 2005; sales of hydraulic excavators have increased significantly; the importance of skid steer loaders has declined in the overall market; telehandlers The sales volume has grown significantly.
Poland: The backhoe loader accounts for 38% of the total sales of construction machinery and equipment. The proportion of wheel loaders in the total sales of construction machinery equipment has dropped sharply; sales of hydraulic excavators have increased significantly.
From the above analysis, we can see that there are significant differences in the construction machinery market in various countries in Europe and China. For domestic manufacturing companies, they currently have an advantage over some devices, but perform poorly in other equipment areas. Therefore, domestic manufacturing companies must recognize the characteristics of the China-Europe construction machinery market, and cannot simply pursue absolute high-end products. At the same time, Chinese manufacturing companies should cooperate with entrepreneurial distributors in order to successfully enter the new product market.

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