Extruded Expanded Polystyrene Foam Board Production Line Passed Identification

A few days ago, the environmental protection Extrusion Expanded Polystyrene (XPS) sheet production line developed by Qingdao Delmar Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully tested and successfully passed the expert appraisal. According to experts, a number of economic and technical indicators of the extruded polystyrene (XPS) sheet production line have reached the international advanced level.

According to experts, the production line adopts international advanced carbon dioxide composite gas foaming technology, which has the advantages of high automation, sensitive operation, high production speed, and low production cost. The XPS sheet produced by this equipment not only has a permanent low thermal conductivity, good dimensional stability and weather resistance, but also has uniform foaming, delicate cell, high compressive strength, moisture-proof, non-absorbent, easy to construct and transport. Can be widely used in cold storage, roof and wall thermal insulation, highway civil engineering, walls and composite sandwich insulation panels and other fields.

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