Focus on the industry's accelerated layout, the firewood company's shareholding fund unveiled

On July 25, 2019, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shangchai Co., Ltd.) led the investment establishment of the Yangzhou Shangyu Automobile Industry Fund to hold the fund unveiling ceremony.

Shangchai , SAIC equity investment, Yangzhou City and Jiangdu District Government Guiding Fund, Shanghai Science and Technology Group, Bank of Communications, China Merchants, Baolong Technology, Xinrui Technology, Shangyi Capital and other investors, SAIC headquarters, financial division, The guests of the Commercial Vehicles Division jointly unveiled the industry fund.

Wei Yong, Vice President of SAIC Group Wei Yong, Vice President of SAIC Group

Professional management focuses on industry acceleration layout

Shangshang Automobile Industry Fund is a long-term development, discovering, mining, nurturing new business and new market growth points, quickly entering the industry chain of the company's focus on transformation, seeking investment targets that are important to the company and participating in investment. One of the platforms. The total size of the fund is 1 billion yuan. The total amount of the first phase of the capital contribution is 555.6 million yuan. The investment of Shangchai is 150 million yuan. Shangyu Capital is the manager of the Fund and the general partner of the Executive Fund, responsible for the specific operation of the fund. The investment direction of the fund is mainly based on the automobile industry chain, focusing on new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, semiconductor, automotive aftermarket and high-end manufacturing.

Xu Qiuhua, General Manager of Shangchai Xu Qiuhua, General Manager of Shangchai

As early as 2014, Shangyu Capital obtained the first batch of private placement management licenses. As a professional fund management platform in the automotive industry, Shangyu Capital has a vision of the entire industry chain of the automobile, with a clear investment strategy, standardized operating system, efficient project execution rate, and rigorous risk prevention measures. Its management team is in the car and new. Energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, semiconductor, high-end manufacturing and other fields have many years of experience in PE investment and M&A investment management, and have rich experience in project organization, planning and implementation across the capital market.

Combining industry and finance, complementing each other and achieving win-win development

Wei Yong, vice president of SAIC Group, said: "SAIC is focusing on deepening the combination of industry and finance, giving full play to resource advantages and achieving win-win development in the process of promoting the innovation layout of the 'New Four Chemicals' industrial chain. The establishment of Yangzhou Shangyu Automobile Industry Fund It will give full play to the advantages of SAIC's industrial chain, the advantages of local government resources, and the professional advantages of Shangyu Capital in the operation and management of private equity funds. Through capital ties, it will promote the development of SAIC Group's “new four” strategy. At the same time, it helps high-quality companies to continue to grow and obtain high returns for investors."

Shangchai Stock Fund Unveiling Ceremony Shangchai Stock Fund Unveiling Ceremony

Actively seek transformation and development

Shangchai Co., Ltd. participated in the investment and established Shangshang Automobile Industry Fund to increase the professionalism of the operation of foreign investment targets by leveraging the resources of professional investment institutions, and extending the investment tentacles to the automobile industry chain, actively exploring the pace of the company's extension development. The company's development strategy of “actively seeking change, transformation and development”. At the same time, it also leverages the specialized investment platform such as SAIC Equity Investment and Shangyu Capital to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with other investors and achieve win-win development. Shangchai pointed out that through the establishment of funds and other platforms, the use of capital markets to explore high-quality investment targets will certainly help optimize the company's business structure and foster new profit growth points in the future.

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