Xiangyun promotes fruit and vegetable dryer to bake flue-cured tobacco

Since the implementation of the subsidy policy for agricultural machinery purchase by the central government, our county has focused on the weak links in the development of modern agriculture in the plateau, and based on the situation of the county and the situation, it has actively increased the promotion of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies.

Since 2016, our county has promoted the baking of flue-cured tobacco in fruit and vegetable dryers in the county. In 2016, 316 tobacco farmers purchased 413 fruit and vegetable dryers, with a subsidy of 3.304 million yuan, accounting for 52.25% of the county's purchase subsidy funds; 2017 In the year, 615 tobacco farmers purchased 654 fruit and vegetable dryers, with a subsidy of 4.869 million yuan, accounting for 71.5% of the county's purchase subsidy funds; in 2018, 1259 households applied for purchasing 1,300 fruit and vegetable dryers, with a subsidy of 6.695 million yuan. The county purchased 74% of the subsidy funds.

In the past three years, the county has purchased 2,367 sets of various types of fruit and vegetable dryers, enjoying a national subsidy of 14.68 million yuan. In 2019, the company won a total of 11.1 million yuan of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery. This year, it is expected to have more than 600 purchases. These fruit and vegetable dryers played an important role in the tobacco leaf baking in the county.

Fruit and vegetable dryers are used to bake flue-cured tobacco with the advantages of energy saving, labor saving, labor intensity reduction, tobacco leaf baking quality and convenience. The fruit and vegetable dryer is easy and quick to install, and the baking technology is easy to master. Taking coal roasting as an example, a traditional baking room bakes 1 kg of dry coal with 2 kg of coal, and a fruit and vegetable dryer bakes 1 kg of dry flue with coal of about 1 kg, and the overall cost saving of each furnace is over 100 yuan. . It is easy to control the roasting and venting of flue-cured tobacco with fruit and vegetable dryer. There will be no blue veins and mildew, and the quality of tobacco leaves will be improved. The gloss of the roasted tobacco leaves is good and the quality of tobacco leaves is improved. Farmers generally reflect the upper and middle The proportion of smoke can be increased by 10% to 15%.

In the process of promoting the baking of flue-cured tobacco in fruit and vegetable dryers, Xiangyun County Agricultural Machinery Training and Extension Station is aimed at the actual problems existing in the production of tobacco leaves in our county, focusing on the details, comprehensively systematically doing technical guidance work, and actively organizing tobacco farmers to participate in fruit and vegetable dryers. Technical training on roasting flue-cured tobacco, comprehensive explanations on the subsidies policy of agricultural machinery purchase, precautions for picking and smog of tobacco leaves, baking technology, use of fruit and vegetable dryer controllers, safe operation of agricultural machinery and accident prevention. In the past four years, 2,356 tobacco farmers have been trained, and the number of trainees has reached more than 2,400. This has comprehensively improved the technical level of tobacco farmers using fruit and vegetable dryers to roast flue-cured tobacco, and fully exerted the demonstration role of new agricultural machinery.

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