note! Eight provinces increased subsidies for heat pump dryers

Friends have noticed that the eight provinces have increased subsidies for heat pump dryers, and changes in subsidy policies have spurred the hearts of many people in the heat pump drying industry. Today, we will take stock of the subsidy policy related to heat pump drying in 2019.

Everyone knows that in order to overcome the smog and win the battle against environmental protection, the state requires that household heating should be "coal to electricity". Similarly, the drying of agricultural products requires "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas." The cost of changing gas is high, the gas source is unstable, and the remote places cannot be used. The advantages of air energy heat pump drying are very obvious. Energy-saving energy, safety and environmental protection, good effect, high energy efficiency, low cost, and labor saving. The heat pump drying technology has been recognized by the state, and many policies have been introduced to support the development of the heat pump drying industry. Like the subsidies for agricultural machinery to subsidize the purchase of drying equipment, friends who do grain drying, fruit and vegetable drying benefit a lot.

As the country's emphasis on the three rural industries continues to deepen, policy support is increasingly tilted, and it is said that the agricultural products processing close to the "three rural" * and the old people * began to gradually improve. In addition, benefiting from the strong implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, heat pump drying has attracted the attention of the government, agricultural machinery, agricultural products processing, food and other fields with energy-saving and environmentally friendly product characteristics.

In 2019, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces adjusted the subsidy funds for various drying equipment such as grain dryers and fruit and vegetable dryers (including heat pumps). The subsidy on the original basis has been further increased.

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