Extremely intelligent challenge, Anhui Cummins teamed up with handsome bell to create a new benchmark for light trucks

With the increasing demand for urban logistics and distribution, having a light truck that meets the logistics requirements has become a small goal for transportation masters. Due to the special nature of urban distribution, users need to buy blue-card light trucks into the city. How to match the demand of the city's multi-load, strong power, low fuel consumption and high comfort on the basis of the blue card, the engine is the key. .

On July 27, 2019, in Fuyang, Anhui Province, equipped with the Anhui Cummins 152-horsepower engine, the Shuailing All-round City Edition, which was specially designed for the urban distribution logistics market, was listed on the market. Nearly 200 people from Shuailing Marketing Company and Anhui Cummins leaders, representatives of logistics associations, national mainstream media reporters, distributors and on-site users witnessed this important moment.

Shuailing Almighty City with new version released Shuailing Almighty City with new version released

Powerful, fast step

Due to the diversity of urban distribution goods and the uniqueness of urban road conditions, a strong, powerful, stable and reliable engine is the key. The international leading Anhui Cummins 152 horsepower power application 1800bar high pressure common rail, turbocharged, timing gear + chain drive, breaking connecting rod, and other world advanced technology, while adopting cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and research and development concepts such as new materials and modularity, Power, economy and NVH performance are in the leading position in the industry. The powerful power of 355 Nm and 152 hp has the characteristics of quick start, fast acceleration and higher transportation efficiency.

Christos Skylodimos, Associate Director of Cummins Products, Anhui, introduces Cummins products in Anhui Christos Skylodimos, Associate Director of Cummins Products, Anhui, introduces Cummins products in Anhui

Fuel economy is more economical

Anhui Cummins 152 horsepower engine not only has strong power, but also has low fuel consumption performance. Strong power output and low fuel consumption, how is this pair of contradictions perfect? ​​At the same time, the engine adopts fuel-saving speed, low-speed and high-twist design, and the speed reaches 1000 ton, which is the economic speed range. It is fuel-efficient at 60-100 yards. speed. Secondly, the whole vehicle adopts lightweight design, the engine adopts new material cylinder head cover, the gearbox, the protective fence and the air storage tank select the aluminum alloy material with light weight and durability, and the two are matched, the weight will be carried out to the end, and the load force is stronger. The fuel-saving effect is more significant.

Shuai Ling blue card lightweight benchmarking experience camp Shuai Ling blue card lightweight benchmarking experience camp

Low noise, quieter and more comfortable

Transportation is a hard work. How to improve comfort and reduce transportation fatigue through advanced design and high-end configuration is another design concept that gives the user care for the handsome ring. Anhui Cummins 152 horsepower engine uses helical gear + chain timing transmission, 8PK belt + automatic tensioning attachment drive system, aluminum alloy oil pan, plastic cylinder head cover, the maximum noise is only 92 decibels, bringing excellent Low vibration and low noise performance, closing the door, the quiet environment greatly reduces the fatigue of transportation. With the design concept and configuration of the passenger car introduced by the interior of the handsome bell city, the light truck driver and passenger enjoy the car-like experience.

Extremely intelligent experience, conquering users

At the event, many users saw the performance of the handsome bell performance of the 5,000-horsepower engine of the Anhui Cummins. They couldn't help but test the new car and experience the strong power of the Anhui Cummins engine. How can the light test drive be enjoyable? The organizers arranged the “Intelligence Experience Camp Control Challenge” and the “Smart Experience Camp Fuel Challenge” for the users. The experience attracted many users on the scene to register, passionately contest and dissatisfied. In the battle, each show is supernatural, and the atmosphere at the scene reaches its climax.

In the Extreme Intelligence Experience Driving Control Challenge, S-curve, bumpy road, linear acceleration, emergency braking and other links were set up. After the test drive, the user gave a thumbs up to the excellent performance of the Anhui Cummins 152-horsepower engine. The engine of this car is too important, the speed is fast, the power is strong, the noise is still very small, and the Ankang engine is really good."

The handsome bell with the 5,000-horsepower engine of Anhui Cummins wins the trust of the site users. The handsome bell with the 5,000-horsepower engine of Anhui Cummins wins the trust of the site users.

At the same time, the handsome bell light card and two similar models of the market launched on-site PK. In the air-conditioning and cooling state, 60 kilometers of suburban roads, a total of 25 traffic lights under the comprehensive conditions, the whole journey time is 80 minutes, the end of the game to calculate the fuel consumption of each car, the final handsome ring all-round city version with a fuel consumption of 11.7 liters / 100 kilometers to win, The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 1 liter lower than that of similar models in the market.

Extreme Experience Camp Results Show Extreme Experience Camp Results Show

The ultimate quality of Anhui Cummins Power and the leading performance of Shuailing's complete vehicle have created a benchmark for the high-end light truck market. This time, the Anhui Cimings 152-horsepower Shuailing Almighty City with the version of the city's logistics market is bound to trigger the follow-up effect. The city's logistics market has comprehensive innovation in vehicle technology, quality and value, leading the new trend of urban logistics vehicles.

Reading volume: Source: Anhui Cummins Author: Cold autumn

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