XCMG's 48-year-old "antique crane" appeared: dare to brighten the card, it is really confident

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On June 12th, Xugong Crane Machinery official WeChat Guangfa “Hero Post”, looking for “old equipment that has been used for more than 30 years” for the whole country. Once the event was launched, it caused a lot of attention from hoisting users.

Shenyang, Liaoning, 32 years of QY25A

According to industry data, the service life of cranes varies according to product quality and hoisting business strategy. Generally, it is about ten years, and the use of products for more than fifteen years requires not only “longevity” but also “long-lasting”. This year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the founding of Xugong Group. One of its core business units, Xugong Hoisting Machinery Division, has publicly collected old equipment that is the same age as the enterprise and is in the same industry as the users. This is already rare in the industry, and it is extremely hot. The registration scene reflects the superior quality of its equipment "do not destroy".

According to incomplete statistics, in 7 days, more than 6,000 people paid attention, and 50 people provided background clues: the 1987, 1984, 1980 and even longer factory time touched the organizer's nerves again and again. In particular, the simple and simple customer testimony of the sentence reveals not only the emotional bond of “I am retired, it is still on the post”, but also the brand of “painting, changing parts, but the core is Xugong”. Approved, it is "the value of this Xugong QY25A is about to retire, and the stick is still the Xugong brand".

Shandong Zibo, 35 years of QY25

The new products that are stacked out are the high line of enterprise development; the existing old products are the bottom line representing the strength of the enterprise. Everyone wants to show high lines, but there is no bright bottom line. After the release of the solicitation post, it is certain that many people in the industry have a "crowd" mentality: 30 years? Still in use? Public collection? Where is the bottom of Xugong lifting machinery?

Xingtai, Hebei, 39 years of QY16

Different from the doubts, surprises or praises of the outside world, in the eyes of Xu workers themselves, behind the 30 years of “not destroying”, it is not only the double relay of time, but also the ingenious inheritance of 76 years. With the motto of “Technology Leading Without Destruction, Making Crafts”, XCMG cranes insist on innovation and forge ahead, and have developed a development path with Chinese characteristics, Chinese character and Chinese style.

Zhejiang Jinhua, 48 years old five tons

From the appearance, the car's tire wear is more serious, the cab is also rusty, but the engine is well maintained, but also can run, the telescopic arm can also move, because the age is too long, currently not used, when a baby put there.

Classical inheritance

From the flames of war, the workers of the Eighth Arsenal of Lunan used the "匍匐" attitude to deliver energy for the war of resistance, and the waist of the "pioneer" slammed the door of China's construction machinery manufacturing industry. Forerunners always encounter problems and experience challenges. Since the 1960s, Xugong Heavy has successively received a number of task assignments for supervising car cranes, from Q51 5-ton mechanical truck cranes to Q2-10 10-ton hydraulic truck cranes to 16-ton hydraulic truck cranes. One item was conquered. Finally, in 1975, the 8 ton, 16 ton truck crane special chassis was successfully trial-produced. Xugong heavy-duty attacked the crane's first self-manufactured fort, which filled the gap in China's inability to produce medium-to-large tonnage crane-specific chassis.

QY25A factory in 1985

Guiyang, Guizhou, QY25A, which was manufactured in 1985, has gone through so many pitted roads. The chassis is not sloping and is very compact. It is mainly used for large-scale fittings, parts, and railway wagon lifting. The basic arm hoisting can still be steadily lifted. Tons of weight.

After 1981, Xuzhong Automobile Crane Chassis formed mass production, which solved the passive situation of medium and large tonnage cranes relying on imported chassis. Since 1980, Xu Zhong has changed the small and complete production mode and started specialized production. It has become a professional factory for the production of 5-50 tons of hydraulic truck cranes, special chassis and other engineering machinery.

Shenyang, Liaoning, 32 years of QY25A

At that time, there were still relatively few large-tonnage cranes around, so it also carried a lot of very important lifting. I took the green leather train back to the factory for maintenance once. I still maintain it according to the style of the troops. I have not overhauled it. This car is quite ok!

To improve the "acceleration" of reform, Xu Gong once again inward. On July 28, 1989, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was formally established by Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Factory, Xuzhou Loader Factory and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute as the core of “Three Factory One”. In order to reverse Xu’s long-term technical upgrading and product structure, the Group has made major adjustments to Xu’s leadership and product structure, and at the same time established a “high-end, high-tech, high value-added” development strategy. Tonnage crane market.

Xugong crane lifting operation

Continue to write glory with innovation

On the eve of the new century, China's construction machinery manufacturing industry has completed the “self-made” leap, but it is subject to the shortage of domestic industrial supply chain. “What do we have to choose for supporting enterprises?” . And Xugong leads the industry's equations, which is to break through the restricted zone once and for all, breaking the shackles and breaking through the old and constantly solving problems. The K series, which was born in the past, has become the first equipment for the development of China's construction machinery industry. The equipment that enables the supporting enterprises to make major product improvements has led the technological revolution and supply chain model revolution of Chinese wheeled crane products.

Xugong crane lifting operation

The path to climb Mount Everest is getting clearer and clearer, and the background of high quality development is brighter. In 2013, Xugong lifted the idea of ​​making original technology – building a product technology platform. After repeated considerations and trials, in 2016, Xugong launched a technology-origin platform with 15 fully independent intellectual property rights – the G technology platform.

Based on the G platform, XCMG adheres to value marketing, and has successively launched the 60-1200-ton G-generation XCA series all-terrain cranes, the G-generation overseas models, and the world's first XCA1600 all-terrain cranes covering 140MW and below 3MW wind turbines. G-generation upgraded models and other products, while allowing Xugong cranes to truly win the international high-end market strength, once again led the overall upgrade of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, realizing the independent innovation in the technical field in the real sense, international brands also Really feel the strength and pressure of Chinese cranes' positive competition.

The process of domestic crane brand from weak to strong and difficult rise is the unremitting struggle of national industry. Every step taken by Xugong on this high-quality development road is not only inheritance, but also the beginning. (This article is from Xugong)

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