Agricultural insecticidal lamps help green control and ecological planting in agriculture

Pest control is one of the important contents in agricultural production, and the control effect is related to the actual effect of agricultural planting. In the past, farmers have invested a lot of energy, time and money in the prevention and control of pests and diseases, but it is difficult to achieve both prevention and control and environmental protection. With the rise of ecological agriculture, the agricultural field urgently needs to adopt more safe and effective prevention and control technology to gradually replace chemical control. As a “physical insecticide pioneer”, agricultural insecticidal lamps can play an important role in environmental protection prevention and control in the development of ecological agriculture. The role is to help green prevention and control in the agricultural sector and achieve ecological planting.

Agricultural insecticidal lamp

With the adjustment of agricultural planting structure, the situation of pests and diseases is more complicated, and the situation of pest and disease prevention is becoming more and more serious. In order to meet the goal of sustainable development in modern agriculture, in the prevention and control of pests and diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to prevention and control effects. Concerned about environmental protection, the continuous promotion of green prevention and control is the trend of modern agricultural development. The agricultural insecticidal lamp adopts a physical insecticidal technology, which uses the phototaxis of the pest to turn on the larvae, and then uses the grid contact or the wind suction trap to kill the insects. The whole process is green and harmless, so the use of the equipment is very modern. The development of agricultural green control and ecological planting needs, agricultural insecticidal lamps are widely used in Daejeon, orchard, tea garden and facility parks.

At present, mass consumers are more concerned about the quality and safety of agricultural products. Therefore, how to improve and guarantee the quality and safety of agricultural products is one of the main problems that most agricultural growers should consider. To ensure the safety of agricultural products, it is necessary to start from the source. The agricultural insecticidal lamp is a modern agricultural development ecological planting industry, which can rely on important technologies, which can continuously control pests and diseases and ensure the safety of agricultural production. Therefore, the promotion and application of agricultural insecticidal lamps will help promote the “green” transformation of pest and disease prevention and control, break the dilemma of effective prevention and control and ecological protection, and achieve healthy development of the industry.

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