Agricultural Environmental Monitoring Station uses big data to improve microclimate

In agricultural production, the meteorological factors that have a relatively large impact on crop growth are mainly microclimates. Therefore, in order to develop production, it is necessary to do a good job in monitoring and regulating the microclimate environment. In the past, people did not have good technical conditions to obtain microclimate information data. Therefore, the ability of agricultural to resist meteorological disasters is relatively weak, and production efficiency is difficult to guarantee. Now, with the help of professional systems such as agricultural environmental monitoring stations , real-time online monitoring of agricultural meteorological environment has been realized. The agricultural sector can use big data to improve the microclimate, improve the resilience of farmland, and provide weather service support for people in busy seasons.

Agricultural environmental monitoring station

The occurrence of agricultural meteorological disasters is mostly related to changes in meteorological factors such as light, temperature, water and gas. For example, agricultural meteorological disasters caused by water abnormalities include drought, flood and wet damage, snow and ice disasters, hail, etc. Disasters include low-temperature chilling, cold damage, frost damage, frost, cold dew, high temperature heat damage, etc. The agrometeorological disasters caused by abnormal composite elements include dry hot winds and continuous rains. The disasters caused by abnormal airflow include typhoons, tornadoes and thunderstorms. Therefore, in order to avoid the frequent occurrence of agricultural meteorological disasters, we must use the existing technology to do a good job in monitoring the agricultural microclimate environment, and according to the collected data, rationally arrange production to achieve the goal of reducing disasters and preventing damage, and stabilize production and income. The agricultural environmental monitoring station stands in the field and can act as a “reconnaissance soldier” in the agricultural sector, providing real-time and accurate meteorological big data to guide the production management of farmers, and effectively guarantee production safety.

The agricultural environment monitoring station can automatically measure agricultural environmental parameters such as soil moisture, light intensity, wind speed and direction, and rainfall, and automatically monitor and comprehensively upload data in real-time agricultural ecological information. With this system, managers can understand the field microclimate remotely. Detailed data, timely and effective guidance on the prevention and control of agricultural meteorological disasters, timely measures to prevent drought and disasters, minimize the damage caused by disasters to agricultural production, improve the comprehensive agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, and promote the sustainable development of agricultural economy.

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Ultrasonic Heat Meters

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