There are generally six categories of cables

There are generally 6 categories of cables
There are many varieties of cables, and they can be classified into six categories based on their performance, structure, and use characteristics:
1, bare wire: According to the shape of the product, structure and use of different, divided into round lines, overhead twisted lines, flexible wiring, profiles and profiles and other four series.
2. Electromagnetic wire: According to the material, structure, heat-resisting grade and application of the insulating layer, it can be divided into four categories: enameled wire, fiber wrapped electromagnetic wire, film wrapped electromagnetic wire and inorganic insulated magnet wire.
3, power cables: According to the type of insulation and structure can be divided into oil-impregnated paper-insulated power cables, plastic insulated power cables and rubber insulated power cables.
4. Electrical equipment wire and cable: can be divided into general wire and cable, electrical equipment and instrumentation cables, vehicle cables, geological exploration and mining industry cables, signal control cables.
5. Communication wires and cables: These include local telephone cables for communication networks in the city or in local areas, long-distance communication cables for long-distance communication between cities, office cables, and various communication wires.
6. Special cables: cables for nuclear power plants, thermocouple compensation cables, fluorine plastic installation wires, silicone rubber control cables, and cables for special occasions and special purposes.

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