In Tianjin, to buy an excavator, what models are recommended?

Tianjin, as a provincial administrative division, excavator sales are indeed too shabby! In 2017, the cumulative sales volume of excavators in Tianjin market was less than 500 units, which was only about 1/20 of Jiangsu Province. According to statistics, Tianjin's GDP growth rate is the lowest in the country, which is in line with its sales ranking of excavators. Let's take a brief look at the local market excavator sales.

From the perspective of brand competition, 12 of the 24 major excavator brands included in the statistics in 2017 had zero sales in the Tianjin market, and another three sales were in single digits. The highest sales volume was Caterpillar, with more than 120 units; followed by about 110 units of Sany, about 80 units of Hitachi, and more than 70 units of Komatsu.

From the tonnage point of view, Tianjin has the highest sales of excavators with 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 ton range, reaching 150 units, accounting for approximately 30% of the total sales; followed by 6 <a ≤ 13 and 19.5 <a ≤ 24.9 tons, with sales at 70 Taiwan around.

Look specifically at models. In 2017, there were no more than 50 models sold in Tianjin, and only 6 models sold in 20 or more. The sales volume of the Sany SY75C-10 was 35 units, and the sales of the Komatsu PC300-8, Caterpillar 336DL , Trinity SY55C-10 , Hitachi Construction Machinery ZX60-5A and Caterpillar 305.5E2 were more than 20 units.

In addition, Tianjin excavator users are still more concerned about the following models on the Internet (Tiejin Mall): Trinity SY60C , Caterpillar 306E and 307E , Kobelco SK75-8 , Trinity SY75C .

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