Shandong Lingong E6460F excavator "dig" wins the mine!

The E6460F excavator was developed by Shandong Lingong and won the "Sculptor's Boutique Award" for its perfect appearance, reliable performance and comfortable driving experience.

Shandong Lingong E6460F excavator

As a mine heavy-duty excavator, the E6460F machine weighs 45,100kg and is equipped with a global high-end configuration. Shandong Lingong also upgraded its components for a variety of harsh working conditions, which fully guaranteed the high reliability and high return rate of the products.

High fuel-efficient return, comfortable!

High Reliability: Super Work Device + Enhanced Frame Design

Shandong Lingong has designed the E6460F excavator with a high durability structure. It adopts a proprietary super-strong working device and a reinforced frame design. The whole machine has higher durability and longer life.

E6460F is made of high-quality steel and reinforced HD type big and small arm. High-strength steel is used for the key parts. The important parts are welded by welding robots. Specially reinforced design is applied to the large joints and vulnerable parts. The arm cylinder support is strengthened, and the lower front arm is welded with protective ribs, which improves the working reliability under severe operating conditions.

It must be mentioned that the E6460F uses a reinforced version of the X-type undercarriage with a longer track and wider chassis, and underneath the undercarriage, a heavy-duty baseplate is installed to increase the drive diameter, increase the thickness of gear teeth and chain links, and extend the excavator. The service life. In addition, the optional full-length heavy-duty track guard also prevents the excavator from overturning on the pothole. These enhanced designs allow the excavator to operate with better stability while adapting to the harsher environmental conditions of the mine.

"Dig" wins the mine

High rate of return: saving about 100 liters of diesel per day (provincial = earned)

The E6460F is equipped with the SD130A low-speed, high-torque Tier3 engine that Volvo specially produced for Linton. The engine displacement is as high as 13L, which is much higher than that of the same tonnage excavator in the industry. It has strong power and is very fuel-efficient. Practice has proved that at a certain work site in northwestern China, the E6460F can save 100 liters of diesel per day for users under the same working intensity (more than 16 hours per day).

Shandong Lingong's engine power and pump power are perfectly matched. The unique engine speed combined with the operation mode of the throttle control device further optimizes the power mode of the whole machine, and has high job coordination and accuracy. The user can select the most suitable one of I (idle speed), F (fine), G (normal), H (heavy), and P (maximum power) according to different construction requirements to achieve maximum efficiency.

Not only that, Shandong Lingong also researched and provided different types of structural components such as booms and caterpillars for different operating conditions. In this way, users can flexibly configure different working devices based on actual conditions. This effective improvement can help users improve their work efficiency by 10%.

Shandong Lingong E6460F excavator

High comfort: Industry-leading cab

The E6460F's cab uses large glass and slender, high-strength cab struts. It has done some research in terms of vibration and noise reduction. The 5-point silicone oil damping installation and sound-absorbing lining reduce the vibration of the cab and Impact also reduces noise. The cab is also equipped with three shades and an overhead 80cm long front wiper, which will not affect the operation.

In order to enhance the safety of construction, protective nets are installed on the top and the front and bottom of the E6460F cab. Taking into account the operating habits of different drivers, Shandong Lingong also designed the seats and operating boxes in the cab to be independently movable. These are Shandong Lingong’s proprietary technologies and are also leading the industry, aiming to provide users with a safer and more comfortable driving environment.

Reliable fuel-efficient, much less to eat, E6460F also has such a good coordination and high comfort, excellent performance in large-scale mining, large infrastructure projects and other conditions, in the eyes of customers is "the most fuel-efficient mine weapon" . "Dig" wins the mine, E6460F you deserve! (This article comes from Shandong Lingong)

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