Ronglang LED explosion-proof emergency light can pass fire detection

Ronglang LED explosion-proof emergency lights can be fire detection
Inadvertently saw on the Internet platform that someone was asking, "Is LED emergency light capable of LED being used as an explosion-proof emergency light? Can we pass fire inspection?"
The following answer is a bit confusing and I would like to add it.
Here we first take a look at the netizen's answer:
1. LED is the English abbreviation for light emitting diodes.
2. The fluorescent tube is a traditional fluorescent tube.
If the LED light emitting tube is used, it can of course be installed inside explosion-proof lamps to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes.
Follow-up: Can we pass the fire inspection?
The answer is entirely correct. LED explosion-proof light is a kind of explosion-proof light. Its principle is the same as that of explosion-proof light, except that the light source is LED light source, and the LED explosion-proof light (4 pieces) is to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment and explosive dust. Lamps with various specific measures taken for the environment, gas, etc.
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There are a lot of things hidden in this question. I'll outline the following:
1, LED lights are only one of the light sources used in explosion-proof lamps, such as LED light sources, electrodeless lamp light sources, metal halide lamp light sources, energy-saving lamp light sources, etc., and explosion-proof refers to the light source is not explosion-proof, but the lamp shell explosion proof .
2, can not pass the inspection, fire inspection is not a light source, but the lamp shell can not achieve explosion-proof performance, and the surface looks to achieve, but you still need to prove that plainly, you say you are Li Gang's Son, the key is You have to prove that "My dad is Li Gang." Explosion-proof lights are no exception. They require explosion-proof certificates and inspection reports.
3. Even if you can solve the above two problems, then there is one, explosion-proof sub-regional classification, such as lamps with IIB and IIC grade, as well as factory explosion-proof and mining explosion-proof, such as factory explosion-proof need EX Explosion-proof certificate, while mining explosion proof requires MA coal safety certification, so said "LED lights can be used as explosion-proof lights, can fire inspection?" This problem is not so simple, which will generate a lot of new problems need We solve it.
LED explosion-proof emergency light


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