Lighting industry talks about the development of LED technology

In addition to letting all the small and medium-sized LED lighting companies exhibit their own fist products, the annual highlights of the Guangya exhibition are the highlights of all the small and medium-sized activities, forums and lectures scattered in the exhibition venue. Learn. In addition to letting all the small and medium-sized LED lighting companies exhibit their own fist products, the annual highlights of the Guangya exhibition are the highlights of all the small and medium-sized activities, forums and lectures scattered in the exhibition venue. Learn. All along, many industry experts and scholars have taken the opportunity to visit the scene, put on the platform to express their opinions, and communicate face to face with everyone. The audience under the audience naturally benefited a lot. Today, Xiao Bian specially collected and compiled the highlights of the speeches of many big coffee guests during the 2016 Guangya Exhibition. If you can get a lot of inspiration from these speeches, I hope that it will be enough. Qiu Yurong, Chief Engineer of Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center, discusses the safety of intelligent lighting. The safety of intelligent lighting includes leakage protection function and preparation. The safety practices of related equipment are set with national safety regulations, including distribution boxes and lamps. There are national standards. Smart lighting has a communication system and a monitoring system that can be double-backed for security. In addition, routine maintenance of street lights must be carried out regularly during routine maintenance. Jiang Yuxi, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering, builds a neural network of smart cities with smart street lights as a node. There are many problems in the development of smart lighting. Emphasizing details is a very important factor in product success or failure. Our philosophy is to hope that the Internet layer can achieve the application layer of equipment. Now Huawei and ZTE have entered the industry of smart lighting. The wolf is coming, indicating that there is meat, which means that there is still room for economic growth in the industry. At the same time, this is also forcing us to move forward. Chongqing Simian Optoelectronics senior engineer Yan Xiaoming Innovative drive, four-intelligent lighting The streetlight system uses communication technology, which itself requires time to precipitate, and the reliability problem has been basically solved in the past few years. In addition, regarding the issue of standardization, in terms of street lamps, the state has issued some standards. These standards take a long time to digest or improve them. We should have a long way to go in this regard. Huizhou BYD Industrial Sales Director Liu Chuanhu BYDSSE Smart City Lighting Solution BYD has achieved certain results from the beginning of its establishment to today's product development. Now it has three major energy sectors: IT, automotive and new energy. The future development of science and technology is inseparable from science and technology. Human work cannot be separated from intelligence. In the future, let us start together and contribute our own strength to intelligence. Zhou Xiaoli, Associate Professor, Institute of Electric Light Sources, Fudan University Discussion on the drive control technology of spectrally tunable LED luminaires The characteristics of LEDs different from traditional light sources include small size, narrow spectrum, and fast switching. Currently developed spectrally tunable LED luminaires can be used in a variety of applications. Shanghai Baogong Electronic Technology Li Jixiao Full Circuit Protection Solution in LED Lighting LED lamps are widely used inside, and its safety issues are highly valued. There are several types of accidents caused by poor LED protection, and lightning protection is one of them. There are two types of protection standards for lightning protection, one is the American standard, and the other is the standard outside the United States. Dr. Sun Jiaxin, Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is based on the selection and design of high-grade light-colored lighting fixtures and systems. Everyone is desperately trying to develop light, technology, but our demand for LED light is still very simple, as a practitioner. Never forget the needs of consumers. To choose a pair of lights, the first is to determine whether you need a directional or vertical light source. The second is that consumers must know what they are using when they want to buy something. When doing a lot of so-called innovative research on the tall, we must not forget our original intention, what is our purpose. When we want to do it, we should try our best to simplify the product and consider compatibility according to the needs of consumers. Don't forget these simplest qualities when doing development. High-quality light design, with simple devices, can do these things, mainly in how you use them reasonably, such as plastics and ceramics. Hu Shengxiang, deputy chief engineer of Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Applied Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd. LED encapsulant and electronic industry sealant products and development trends For LED encapsulants, the difference in refractive index and temperature range lead to different LED performance. The COB package is characterized by relatively high process density and good heat dissipation performance, and has certain advantages in lamp design. He Zhongliang, General Manager of Shenzhen Huanji Industrial Co., Ltd. Power Interconnect in Flip and CSP Applications For LEDs, the simplest one is the narrow board, but the narrow board is the most influential part. Therefore, as a narrow plate, we have two requirements, one is to meet the chip, and the second is to have certain support performance and thermal conductivity. In order to solve the cost problem, we need to really make the price down, and the innovation is specially designed to cooperate with the guests, starting from solving the problem. In the future, the frame and the shell can be combined into one. Merck KGaA Stefan Tews, General Manager of Merck, Germany, discusses the direction of the overall market trend of excellent light quality LED phosphor technology solutions. In addition to phosphors, the entire design is also an aspect, with more lumen output, lower cost and higher quality. Application, as well as aging. In the silicate background, the sealing of the phenyl group is better. BREE Jiangsu Bo Rui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liang Chao Gaoguang Quantum Density Packaging Device LED phosphor development phosphor technology is now done in two areas, one is general lighting, one is liquid crystal background, the future may develop in two aspects, One is to develop towards higher color, and the other is to develop corresponding light sources according to people's needs. As a component of LED, phosphor is very important, including four aspects: light efficiency, display index, reliability, and low color tolerance. For packaging companies, the color temperature difference is very important. If the improvement of phosphors can help the company to reduce the color temperature difference, it is very helpful for the cost of the enterprise. Hebei University of Technology School of Electronic and Information Engineering Professor Xu Wei Quantum Point Fluorescent Materials in Lighting Applications and Prospects At present, the architecture of LED plus phosphors has gradually entered a bottleneck period, the difference between cold light and warm light, the color gamut of color, are caught A more embarrassing situation. Quantum dot materials have the advantages of high luminous efficiency and low dosage, especially for catalytic materials used in medicine and new energy, which have a very good development direction. Wang Jiangbo, vice president of Huacan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Research progress on high-efficiency GaN-based LEDs Currently, the trend of the semiconductor market, the entire LED market is still growing steadily, especially in the field of lighting, and the demand for HDTV is booming. The demand for chips will also increase, which further increases the demand for backlights. In response to the ever-increasing demands of the unit price, the injection conditions for LEDs should be continuously increased, and at the same time, we must reduce our number to reduce our cost and achieve better unit lumens. Crystal Energy (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. CTO Zhao Hanmin High-power LED technology and application From the market perspective, Chinese companies are relatively weak in high-power ceramic packaging, but in some very important areas, such as portable lighting, outdoor Lighting, industrial lighting, automotive headlight lighting, etc., all use ceramic packaging for high power. Although the package and COB package of the chip are very hot, the chip is also very hot, but the high-power chip and ceramic package have a very important position in the LED field. In some special applications, it uses ceramics. Packaging technology and high-power chips work best. Zheng Haiting, chief engineer of Guangzhou Huigu Chemical Co., Ltd., about LED vulcanization, you have to know the whole thing in the fight against vulcanization. The following three points can help customers: improve some design and matching of mesh structure; the second category is Improve the adhesion of the material; the third is to increase the wettability of the glue. As a manufacturer specializing in functional materials, Huigu has a test and analysis platform dedicated to material development. For LED and silicone businesses, it is necessary to transform the characteristics into customer value, so as to reflect the value of Huigu. Liu Ronghui, director of the Luminescence Division of Rare Earth New Materials Co., Ltd., promotes the improvement of the white LED technology. The main performance of the aluminate yellow powder is certain, which makes it difficult for package customers to make products with distinctive or different products. Phosphors fall off the cliff, so individual phosphors are hard to say profitable. This situation is difficult to change if the product type and performance of the phosphor cannot be improved, so technological innovation is required from the manufacturer of the phosphor. Phosphors include YAG, LuAG, typical aluminate phosphors, yellow phosphors, nitride red powder, and phosphors for backlight display. Domestic companies need to do a lot of work because of the structural characteristics of phosphors. It is not the method of making traditional phosphors. At present, the phosphor combination of the prior art Blu-ray chip, including the multi-chip combination in China, the wide color gamut, and the laser LED have been carried out.

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